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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Begging To Be Let Out!!

People who trespass into our homes in SL London can be a pain, but sometimes they can be comical as well, as proved yesterday. I was in my apartment and Hibiscus was in hers, which is just below mine. Our other neighbour JDDM was upstairs above me in his home.

I was chatting to Hib in IM when she suddenly had an intruder arrive, he just let himself straight into her living room. Hib, who still had a lovely ball gown on from going out earlier, sat on her sofa and the intruder, a guy called Wapeto, stood in front of her brandishing a sort of cutlass thing. He looked like something out of ‘The Pirates of Penzance’ with his pirate outfit, complete with black Halo.

Cool Hib started up the conversation and I’m afraid I couldn’t resist joining in, the chat went as follows:
Hibiscus – Hi
JDDM – u speaking to me?
Wapeto – yes
Hibiscus – You like the Opera?
Wapeto – yes
Hibiscus – Oh good!
Wapeto – it’s good
Hibiscus – is there one on now?
Wapeto – I don’t know
Hibiscus – Oh
Wapeto – Know sorry
Wapeto – give me a favour please
Hibiscus – thought maybe that is why you were here
Hibiscus – yes, what?
Wapeto - can I have 20LS please?
Wapeto – I need them please
Hibiscus – what will you get with 20
JDDM – lol
Wapeto – why ejected me?
Janey – LOL
Hibiscus – no, not yet
Hibiscus – maybe in a while, this is a private home
Janey – let me get some pictures Hib

With this, Wapeto, feeling very uncomfortable, started heading for the door very quickly.

Hibiscus – you shouldn’t just come in and ask for money.
Wapeto – oo sorry
Hibiscus – ok, I will let you out
Hibiscus – sure there is no opera on now?
Janey – Begger makes front page!
Hibiscus – I am all dressed for it
Wapeto – where are the door?
Janey – lol
Hibiscus (opening the door for him) – here you go
Wapeto – OK THANKS
Hibiscus – hey, we could have all taken up a collection here, could have got at least 60.
Janey – lol, get my boot more like!!

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