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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Welcome DJ Ruskin!

We had had Valentine’s Day celebrations in the Undergound Club, Knightsbridge on the 13th February, the day before the actual day. The London team thought that people would be going out in real life on the 14th and rightly so, as real life celebrations come first with loved ones.

Anyway there were a few of us in Second Life on the 14th (sad lot!!) when I got a message from SL London organiser Ruskin Thor. Ruskin told me that he is soon making his debut as a dj in SL London and would I like to go over to the Underground Club in Mayfair where he was to have a practice evening with a few friends. I said yes I would love to, and I would bring as many friends as I could find with me. Well that was something I wished I hadn’t said, as I looked down my extensive list of contacts, none of them appeared to be on line (either that or they had unticked me so I couldn’t see them!! How hurtful!!).

Anyway, I made my way over to the Mayfair club and met Ruskin and good friend Treasure Vhargan. We were soon joined by a couple of Ruskin’s friends Aramanth Demonia and Moonlight Horngold.

Ruskin took the stage and he was soon doing his stuff dj’ing and it was great. We all started to dance, having a brilliant time. I saw Hibiscus log into Second Life and soon she too joined us to boogy the night away. Good friend Cher Demonge also logged on, joining us for a short while, it was good to see Cher again, as he has taken a bit of a break from SL lately. As the evening went on we were getting more and more people to support Rus’s first ever dj session (even though it was a practice night). Another two friends, Gunter Koolhoven and Events Manager Feebe Fearne joined the fun. People that I did not know also began to join us for a dance and we were pretty well one of the liveliest venues in SL London.

Ruskin really enjoyed himself and he played a great range of music with smooth changeovers in between. Well done new dj Ruskin, we had a smashing time and I hope to see you using your new skills more often (and wouldn’t Treasure make a lovely host!!)

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