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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Tinies in SL London

You may have noticed the two avatars in yesterday’s pictures were tiny creatures compared to the rest of us human shaped avs. Well in Second Life, for those people who don’t know, you can change your shape and character into dragons, dogs, cats (half cat and half human avs are called Nekos and very popular in SL), or any shape you like, even spiders and beetles. When I arrived in Knightsbridge I spotted a little bulldog with pointy canine teeth and wearing a top hat and little suit, so cute! Then I recognised it was Chelsea sim and Underground Club Manager Seany1235 Blinker.

Seany said that all the SL London team had been wearing the little animal avatar skins and he said it was easier getting about in the SL London sims as a tiny, as it’s easier to walk without SL lag causing problems. I asked Seany if people treated him any differently and he said ‘they do in a way, they seem happy to talk to me like it.’
I had noticed sim owner Debs Regent a couple of weeks ago, dressed as a little rabbit, and it was quite strange to see her like that, you get used to human avs. The little creatures look all cute and cuddly and you forget there is an adult human at the keyboard. Of course we had been used to SL London Greeter Clive Hissop as an alligator, he was a gator when I first met him and it was quite startling to see him as a human when he changed over.

I spotted Events Manager Feebe Fearne in a lovely little pink dog avatar skin at the Hyde Park welcome area, I wonder what the newbie's thoughts are when they first spot this little talking pink dog.

You may see the SL London team walking about as little animals, stop and say hello and give them a pat on the head if you feel brave enough!! Meanwhile if you want to see a nice little film of some musical tinies have a look at

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