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Monday, 23 February 2009

SL London Festival of Art Opens

It’s the SL London Festival of Arts week and the work displayed is certainly eye catching and diverse. SL London’s Park Lane venue is for artists wishing to display a range of work from all around the Second Life grid and it's nice to see we have so many talented people in the virtual world. In an earlier preview I mentioned artist Chalker Zenovka’s work and here are some of the other artists whose works are displayed in Park Lane.

Avatar Menubar Memorial’s work is strong and powerful in its surreal Dali like qualities, making you want to go back for another look at each picture to see exactly what’s going on. Likewise with the moving graphics of Glenman Jun with his optical use of shapes that attracts the eye and holds you transfixed. Vroum Short also displays a moving picture, this time with pleasing colours and lights that shine out of the dark background and I got the image of colliding planets exploding on impact.

By startling contrast there are two artists whose pictures feature mainly a grey scale style, but to great effect. Therese Garfagno’s hooded figures are somehow eerie but peaceful in her atmospheric work, she takes the shots from unusual angles to capture the imagination, so that you feel you are observing some sort of role-play, halted in time. Paeder McLeod’s pictures capture nature at it’s finest, the fresh white flowers in one picture, and another piece of work showing a huge tree with yellow foliage which brings the grey scale theme to life.
Alex Castaignede brings something entirely different to Park Lane, his portraits of avatars are worked into posters, and I can imagine this would be very popular with people who wish to show their profile in pictorial form, his work is very attractive and the shots of the avatars professionally dealt with.

Penelope Sidesh’s work (main picture, not insert), is also a study of Second Life residents, but with a slightly ribald flavour which makes them great fun. She catches movement and light superbly and I really like her work.

There are a beautiful group of seascape pictures by Daniel Schumann, they show the wonderful graphics of Second Life brilliantly, Daniel has the eye to capture the scenes giving them great depth with pleasing perspectives. These pictures would grace any SL home. Nijel Charles too has caught the reflections of the SL sea in quite a different light to Daniel, but nonetheless just as pleasing, with the glistening water surfaces and reflections shown so effectively.

Feebe Fearne’s work has shown her ability to create colourful and imaginative graphics, her Angels and Dragons picture at first appears totally abstract until you look closer and see the angel’s wings as he hovers over the darkly swirling dragon shapes below. Feebe manages to show glimpses into somehow alien like worlds with her pictures.

SL London Festival of Art organiser Ruskin Thor has designed a range of tee shirts for the Arts week, and they are quite a work of art in themselves (see insert in main picture with me modelling one!!). You can pick one of these tee shirts up as a souvenir at the beginning of Park Lane (also at Chelsea and Kensington) for a small price of $10. All the pictures are also for sale so check them out and take a lovely keepsake of SL London's very first 'Festival of Art' home.


Anonymous said...

It's made the lag on the Mayfair sim horrendous.

Janey Bracken said...

I doubt if a few more textures and objects made a lot of difference. Lag has been quite bad in some places of SL London like Knightsbridge lately I agree. However, the Arts Festival is only on for a week and it's worth a bit of lag to see all the wonderful creative things that people are displaying.