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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

SL London Arts Festival 2009

There will be a major Art event in SL London from the 20-27th February. The SL London Art Festival 2009 is here for the first time in the virtual Capital. The press release states:

‘This is a week-long cultural extravaganza exhibiting work in all the artistic media of second life.

If you are an artist in the fields of sculpture, graphic design & illustration, performance, photography or machinima & film it will be chance to screen, exhibit and sell your work to the many hundreds of SL London residents and visitors that the event attracts.

If you’re not an artist but want to be involved, we need your help too! Read on to (6) at the bottom of this note.

Over the course of the week will be a series of major art events. Artists will be able to enter work in the following:

1. Photography Competition. "SL London through your eyes" - we're looking for photos taken in SL London which summarise what the sims say to you. There will be a major prize for the winning entry. Entrants will also be able to sell their work at the competition exhibition.

2. London Machinima (film) contest - create a short film set in the SL London sims with a first prize of 25,000$L. The top 5 entries will be also be screened on Metaverse.

3. Prim limited Sculpture Contest (10 prims) in SL Hyde Park with the chance for you to exhibit your finest sculptures and win a major prize.

4. Arts Market Mayfair - the opportunity to see the work of artists from across the grid displaying graphic and illustrative work, which will be available for sale.

5. Performance and other Machinima screening events will be taking place all week at a variety of venues around SL London. If you’ve got something to show off.. let us know!

6. We need arty volunteers! If you are not an artist but would like to be involved and help out with running or organising the event in anyway let us know!

Entry:A standard entry fee per artwork across the event will be L$50 per exhibit. You will be able to offer to sell your work to visitors. A maximum number of submissions per person will apply. Mature artwork showing mild nudity and violence is acceptable , however "hard" pornography or extremes of violence will not be, at the complete discretion of the SL London Event Team.

GET INVOLVED! If you’re a creative in second life this will be the event for you. For a notecard with full details of how to submit work for each event, drop a note card or IM to:

Feebe Fearne

Closing date for entries to any category is Thursday 19th February 2009.’

This is exciting news and will allow not only artists based in SL London, but artists from all over the SL grid to exhibit their work in mirror image London, the culture and art centre of the virtual world. So whatever art you create, be sure to get it seen and noticed. I will also be featuring some of the best works of Art in Virtually London (lite).

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