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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

SL Frustrations or Why I Will Never Become a Mentor

On Friday, Feb. 13 (!) the Underground Club held a Valentine’s Party. Since their parties are always a lot of fun, I decided to get all glammed up (it was a formal event) and head over for a little while to meet up with my friends and dance. I had what I thought was the perfect outfit, a pale pink gown covered in cream coloured cupids, with a big poufy skirt, so I put it on and tp’d (teleported) over.

The place was packed, as usual it was a successful event. I ran into a newbie I had met there a few days before, randell Sixpence. When he arrived he was not wearing formal wear, so he decided to change into a tuxedo and this is when our story really begins.

I am sure we all remember with great affection our newbie days, when doing practically anything was a challenge. Randell went to put on his tuxedo, but it was still boxed, so he needed to unbox it, which is not possible in the UGC. I noticed he was having difficulty, so I im’d him saying I would show him where he could get his tuxedo out and put it on. I was thinking of the Mayfair sandbox, which is just up the road from the UGC. We made our way outside the club, not an easy task because of the crowd, and began walking over to the sandbox.
As we proceeded up the street, much to my irritation and randell’s shock, I fell down a hole between the Knightsbridge and Mayfair sims. Poor randell was horrified when I suddenly sank beneath the street; I was just glad that no one could see me falling down the hole, because nothing looks more ridiculous than falling down a hole wearing a big pink poufy dress, believe me. The skirts flew up way past my ears and my pink legs were flailing away beneath. I looked like some kind of demented flower, which perhaps I was at that moment.

Anyway, I happened to have the landmark for the Mayfair sandbox in my inventory, so when I reached the bottom I found it and tp’d over. I don’t know why it is that you can fall down a hole, but when you go to fly out you end up banging your head on the underside of the surface, which has suddenly become solid. I sent randell a tp and he appeared, only to find that we couldn’t open boxes there.

This was a puzzler, so I decided to go over to Hyde Park, where there are people who actually know how to do things and could help us out. Randell came over with me, but you cannot open boxes there either. Fortunately a very kind mentor gave us the lm for another sandbox, where you could open boxes, so off we went.
Once there randell was able to open his box, but unfortunately it was only to find that there were no pants in his outfit! However, I remembered that the Astral Ballroom in Knightsbridge had free tuxedoes, so we went over there. Success! Randell put on the tuxedo and looking very handsome, returned to the UGC. It was truly a triumph of persistence over adversity.

I returned, too, for a few minutes. I couldn’t stay too long as the party was scheduled right at my dinnertime, and when the stomach calls, I listen. The crowd looked great, it was a meeting of the beautiful people that night. Hope you all had a happy Valentine’s Day!

Hibiscus Hastings

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