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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Rails Opens a Cop Shop!!

It comes to something when police cars have to give chase by flying after the villains, but it seems that SL London has come to that! I watched someone practising driving his new shiny blue car the other day and when he got to the edge of the sim, where the roads haven’t been finished off, he disappeared into the ground into a big hole. He did manage to get out again, luckily! But I haven’t seen the little blue car since.

So as I was hovering above Knightsbridge the other day taking photos, suddenly this flying police car appeared. I went over to it and saw it was Mentor and Greeter Rails Bailey driving it. He told me that he was giving chase to a gunman who had come into the area. Rails suddenly changed the car into a huge robot, enough to scare any newbie with a gun away!! I’m not too sure if he caught the culprit or not.
Anyway, Rails has opened a new shop in SL Mayfair selling various stuff, anything from houses to games, and it’s worth going over and getting yourself a bargain. You can tell Rails’ shop as he has a very patriotic Australian flag flying inside.

Not sure if he sells flying Police cars though!!

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