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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Preview from the SL London Festival of Art

I have been looking around the exhibits put out so far, for the SL London Festival of Art, and there are some lovely pieces of work on display. I spotted some work by one of the artists that I had interviewed for CNN back in December 2007, Chalker Zenovka. Chalker has a unique style, he works with one continuous line through his pictures to capture his subjects. The pictures displayed in SL Park Lane, Mayfair (above) are the ‘Tree of Life’ and ‘Signs of the Zodiac’.

Hibiscus and I met a photographer the other day, his name is Gavin Daxter and he talked of putting some of his pictures into the exhibition. He told us that he took photographs of London and I am pleased to say that he has entered two really nice pictures. Gavin has shown the real Big Ben in comparison to SL Big Ben and also the Coach and Horses Public House in Mayfair with it's SL version. Good luck in the contest Gavin and Chalker.

Events Manager Feebe Fearne sent around a note this afternoon with details of the cash prizes. They are as follows:

Machinima – L$25,000
Sculpture – L$10,000
Photography/Art L$10,000

So if you wish to enter you had better hurry as all entries should be in today

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