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Monday, 9 February 2009

Pixi's Budget Fashion Choice

I have just fallen in love, who with I hear you asking? well let me tell you, my editor Janey Bracken! yes that’s what I said. Ok now that I have the men’s attention as well, let me tell you why.

I was just sipping an early morning cup of coffee and planning what to do for the rest of the day, when I was invited over to Janey's house for an informal meeting. Also there was my work colleague, our head reporter and my friend Hibiscus Hastings. We soon got down to the important business of the day, "gossip" lol.

After a long and fruitful chinwag Janey said "I've got an assignment for you both. (now here's why I fell in love, remember?) After physically forcing me to except L$500! I promptly said "its ok Janey, your secret is safe with me" lol. No, no, she said I want you and Hib to take L$500 lindens each and go out into the clothes shops of SL London and see if you can buy a complete outfit without going over your budget of L$500L.

Well I had to stop right there and pinch myself, just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, OUCH! No I’m wide awake, (oh and thanks for pinching me as well Hib!) So with the whole of London’s clothes shops to explore and a purse bulging with loverly lindens, I jumped into the nearest taxi telling the driver to get me to the shops and don’t spare the horses.

I decided to split the clothes shops of the London sims into three different areas namely, Chelsea, Knightsbridge and Mayfair, Here’s a list of the shops I visited. I’ve also added a little comment on each one. I will tell you which one I chose and why at the end. They are not in any order, so here's how I got on.

CHELSEA: I only found two shops here, I couldn’t believe it! so I asked a friend who knows the area, if there were any more clothes shops in Chelsea, sadly he said no.
NILS ISLAND STORE: some nice designs good prices.
QUALITY: nice little shop, mid price range, not too much choice though.

KNIGHTSBRIDGE: More to choose from here, but on the whole more expensive shops.
ZHAO'S: Beautiful boots and shoes but expensive.
HOUSE OF BLINKER: plenty in this little shop, a few bargains mid to high prices.
@ DESIGN: Excellent shop, beautiful outfits, well designed but very expensive. Although you get a lot for your money per pack. Prices start from around L$899.
LOST DREAMS: Love this shop, great designs, fair prices and not too bad for choice. (also at Mayfair)
GBBERISH: Superb designs, sadly well out of my price range.
DOLLYROCK: Lovely store, sensible prices, quality clothing.
SIRWHITEWOLF JACOBI: Novelty costumes for fancy dress at great prices, e.g. superman, wonder woman etc. Not what we are looking for but worth a mention.

MAYFAIR:Having by far the majority of the shops, but surprisingly not the people! apart from a few newbies coming in.
TROYS TREASURES: Best value yet, not the best fabrics but lots for your money.
BLISS COUTURE: Beautiful shop with fabulous designs, if the prices weren’t so high I would be a regular customer, so moving on lol.
SASCHA'S DESIGNS: Mid price range lacking quantity, one or two nice things though.
PRISM: Not bad prices, low to mid range. not exactly my style.
OUTRAGE: Nothing really outrages about this shop, only selling tops and eyes! strange mixture I thought! good prices though.
DOLLYROCK As Knightsbridge.
@ DESIGN: As Knightsbridge.
UK COUTURE: I like this shop very much, nice designs, mid to top price range, but no bargains.
GUMDROPS: Good prices, but I only saw one outfit I really liked, and maybe that’s only because it included cowgirl boots yeeeeeeehhaaaaaa lol.

Ok I’ve made my choice, its based in my opinion on price, quality and amount in one package.



AND THE WINNER IS--------drum roll---------------LOST DREAMS yahhhhhhya! lovely designs lots of choice and great value for money. Love this place, sadly no shoes though.

Just like to add, there were shops with more for your money per package and Troy's Treasures was one of them, and would have won it for me, but when I brought an outfit it only had half the items in it! What a cheek lol.
I brought two outfits, both from Lost dreams. The first cost L$240 and includes a cashmere sweater, tartan skirt and a wicked scarf that sits loosely on your shoulders.The second also cost L$240 and is only a grey striped dress! but I got to tell you, I just fell in love with it and had to have it. I spent another L$10 on bargain shoes, jewellery and hair. That’s a total of L$490 And with L$10 spent on a glass of wine a bag of chips and a taxi home, that’s me spent up!

If I missed any shops out then I’m very sorry, I’m still fairly new around London, and because of this I have got to say, I just cannot believe how expensive most of the shops are.

I don’t want to fall out with any of the shop owners or designers, and this is only my opinion, but I think maybe also the opinion of many of the avatars out there, especially the newer ones who would love to own some well made and designed outfits, but will mostly always find them out of reach. I would just like to say a great big thank you to Janey for allowing me to do this, its been a lot harder than I thought it would be but I really enjoyed it, and I’ve learned more about the London areas doing this than I ever would have.

pixi piers


Janey Bracken said...

Hi pixi,

I really got a buzz out of setting you and Hibiscus this assignment! I would like to thank you both for the detailed detective work you both did scouting around the SL London shops. I suppose at the back of my mind, and why I wanted these reports, was the fact that some of the shops are priced way above ordinary avatar's budgets, especially now with the rl economy. I know if I were running a business I would try to produce a lower price range alongside my more expensive clothes, as well as splitting some of the expensive packages up to be sold as separates. Also one or two good quality freebie items per store would be a nice gesture for new people. Saying that I think we are lucky to have such quality hard working designers in SL London and I wish their businesses much success.

Estelle Parnall said...

Estelle Parnall screams....!!!

Thanks have just made my RSI mouse wrist all worth while xx

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much and congrats to Estelle!! My aim has always been to provide high quality outfits at low cost; how lovely to get the recognition! Of course lots more (over 300 outfits) at my main store too ;-)

shakespearesmonkey said...

Congrats, Estelle but, hey, where's the men's range?
We're feeling deprived