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Friday, 6 February 2009

On the Road Again!!!

I met SL London Director Brie Janick outside the Underground Club in SL Knightsbridge the other day. Brie told me that she had bought a new car and asked if I would like to see it. I was really interested as my car proves to be a problem to me when I’m driving, I blame the car, but who knows, Hibiscus seems to think it’s me, I might need a few SL driving lessons!!

Brie showed me her brand new shiny car, a copy of a mini, complete with a Union Flag on the roof! Trendy or what!!! She invited me to go for a spin and she was in control (most of the time), very unlike me! The car made some great revving noises, but the funniest thing was, if she hit the curb, there was the sound of breaking glass, and she did hit it a couple times, but kept the car on the road magnificently. Brie is hoping that the designer of the car may open a shop in the London sims, and I think this would be great, as the mini is just the right size to negotiate the streets in the sim.

Talking of roads again (sigh!!) it seems that the problems have not been solved, just like real life, there are permanent bits of the highway where the tarmac ends, with great chunks of grass sticking through. It’s sort of at the edge of the sim, so I suppose the Highways Dept think people will not notice. If avatars do wander there, they either fall down the hole or trip over the large pieces of tarmac laying askew all over the place!

To make matters worse the Highways Dept are still after their revenue, putting up ‘Residents Parking Only’ signs near where I work, just over from the office block in SL Kensington. I wouldn’t mind this, but the roads are not marked out into the bays to match the signs, so for a tester, as a non permit holder, I parked my old banger there to see if I would get a Fixed Penalty Notice fine. Much worse was to happen!! I didn’t get the fine attached to my windscreen, but they actually removed my car to the SL car pound, when I got back it had gone. They must have had a fit of conscience though, as they returned my car to my inventory shortly afterwards. I suspect they knew they would lose their case, should I contest it in SL Court. Bit risky really, giving me my car back, I am back on the roads, so watch out newbies or I’ll mow you down!!

P.S. Went back yesterday to the very spot my car had been removed from, and parked there, as bold as brass, was Greyhound Pub Landlord Kwame Oh’s Land Rover, I am keeping an eye on this to see if he gets away with it!! Favouritism in the London sims or what!!

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