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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Machinima show in SL Kensington

Come on down to SL Kensington and see the Machinima videos playing there. The films are part of the ‘SL London Festival of Art’ week, and I took a stroll down there yesterday to have a look.

There are big television screens out in the road for each movie and if you click on each screen you will get a menu enabling you to start the film. I first clicked on a really pretty little film by Tara Yeats entitled ‘Urchins’. The main characters are two tinies, a winged horse and a comical little hedgehog. The hedgehog climbs aboard the little horse and they travel all over the London sims together. A magical film!

Lasting have a beautiful film of SL London showing the memorial gardens to our fallen armed forces heroes, as well as the Princess Diana memorial pond. The whole film, with the moving music, is very emotional to watch, as it is so well done.
There are two films taking you all around the London sims. The first one, Nitwacket’s ‘Virtually London - Second Life’ has shown SL London in a truly great light with its smooth tour of some of the finest buildings, plus a nice glimpse behind the clock face of Big Ben. Likewise with filmmaker Glasz Decuir, with ‘I Like London 1 and 2’. Glasz takes us extensively around each sim, showing fun things, including dancing in the underground club, and riding her motor scooter all around SL Mayfair, some great music too, what a nice idea!

Over the last couple of weeks I had noticed something going on in the penthouse in my apartment block in SL Chelsea. I soon realised that there was a movie being made there. The film, by Pookymedia, is a spoof ‘James Bond’ movie and the penthouse was set up as SL James’ home (something no Bond fan has ever had the chance to see!!). This film is different to the other ones in SL Kensington, because there are actors involved. Avatar Rosco Teardrop (Russell Boyd) takes the lead role as a sexy James Bond, complete with his Union Jack underpants and smoochy Sean Connery style Scottish accent. Don’t miss this, it’s brilliant!
One film I didn’t manage to get to play in Kensington, although this may be down to my set up, was Aleph Newman’s ‘Platonic Love’ Fortunately I watched it on ‘YouTube’ and was able to see the atmospheric little movie, showing some misty parts of London beautifully, and featuring a crow and a swan, very nicely made.

I met Kwame Oh, Landlord of the Greyhound Public House, while I was watching the movies and asked him which one he liked. He told me that he liked Glasz Decuir’s ‘I Like London 2’ He said ‘this reminds me of carnival, summer, and the whole London vibe in the summer when London is at its awesome best.’

If I have one criticism, it’s not of the films, all of which are superb, it’s the confusing process of trying to view each film, only two of the films had information next to the screens to tell you who the filmmakers were, so it was a job to know exactly what films are showing. I would like to have seen information next to each screen giving as many details as possible and perhaps the screens being moved apart and partitioned off, but maybe there are technical difficulties with this, of which I have no idea.
Please don’t let this put you off though, go and see the amazing SL films that are being played in Kensington you won’t be disappointed. Good Luck in the competition to all the filmmakers too.

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