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Monday, 16 February 2009

Looking for Love in Second Life?

Can I ask you to stop what you’re doing, just for a minute or so and think back to when you first joined Second Life. Ok, for some it might have only been a few days ago, for others a few years.

Now I’d like to know how you heard about SL, did you hear about it in other people’s conversations, did a friend tell you? or did you simply come across it whilst surfing the net on your pc? Which ever way it was, I’d bet its not till recently you would have heard about Second Life through the real life media, even getting mentioned on real life news! As you might know it wasn’t for all the right reasons, in fact it was because a married man was having sex with a married woman, thing is though, not with his wife!!

It’s not for me to say whether this is right or wrong, but it did get me thinking, why do people join Second Life, is it because of the real life media focus on the sexual exploits of this couple? After all, many of the newbies first words are "How do I get money? where can I get work? etc, well now I’m wondering if "where can I get sex" is included also. So here I go walking the streets of SL London once again, this time I will be asking new and older residents why they joined second life.

I know I can be a little naive sometimes but even I know how much trouble I could get in asking people about sex lol, so I decided to go back and visit my old Kungfu master for a few one on one lessons. After a few rewarding sessions of high kicks, punches and a workout, even Rocky would have been proud of, I was ready to hit the streets, well Hyde Park actually lol.

I can only apologise for this part of my article! I was hoping to bring you some fascinating stories about why people joined second life. But I’m saddened to say all I got was mostly abuse! most unexpected. However I did meet one gentleman whose name is Kwame Oh. You might know him as the landlord of the popular Greyhound public inn. He told me he joined SL in march 2007 and he had originally joined because it was just a ‘new toy’ to play with and a means to boost his real life business. I asked him if the chance of having sex had anything to do with it and he replied "at my age sex in real life is hard enough without complications in second life lol.”After asking, or I should say, after trying to ask people about their reasons for joining SL, I think its only fair I should share my own experience and reason for joining Second Life.

I must admit the first I heard about SL was from friends, telling me about the couple who got caught having sex. A few nights later we had a girlie night in, you know a soppy film, box of chocs, tissues and plenty of wine (heaven.) Anyhow, we got on her pc and decided to check out SL. My friends didn’t care much for it, but I was more intrigued and decided to look into SL a little more.

I was only a day or two old when I was first asked if we could have sex and where do we go for it? Well being the shy and easily embarrassed type! I made my excuses and left, always wanted to say that lol. Sadly there are avatars out there who's soul purpose is to give people grief, it was one of these occasions when I was being verbally accosted from a "I love myself type" when a voice came out of nowhere saying "leave her alone you *****!" Well! was that French? must be, I’d never heard it before!. Off went the griefer with his tail between his legs! Turning to the mystery man I said ‘thanks for saving me, you’re my hero!’ I found myself immediately attracted to him. Some people are hard to talk to but with Mr X (I’ll call him that although his real name is---- lol only joking) the conversation was easy and enjoyable, and ok, he looked damn good too hehe.

I bumped into him again a few days later, and as we got chatting I got the feeling of being safe and relaxed around him. After a few hints, he finally asked me out on a date. (thought he'd never ask!)

So to tease him a little I replied yes, but only if it’s somewhere romantic with food and wine! Arrangements were made, and come the night of my first date in SL, I was feeling a little nervous, especially as he told me to dress up, as this place was very posh. When I arrived he greeted me looking very smartly dressed in a tux. I had a wonderful evening, I was presented with some beautiful flowers, we danced, sipped chilled champagne and ate the finest of food, all under a starlit sky. As we danced late into the night, I could feel myself falling for this man. Many happy days and nights followed but, I started to notice slight changes in him like taking longer to reply when we was talking, turning up late and having to leave early etc. I found out later whilst we were together he would be IM’ing another woman, and even seeing her. I confronted him about it and eventually he owned up! And do you know what? he actually said ------- Oh sorry you don’t want to hear about my love life do you? Oh, you do! ok where was we? lol.

He didn’t make any excuses, no apologises, he just calmly said ‘do you fancy a threesome at my place?’ just you me and a Ms X!!! Told you my kungfu would come in handy didn’t I? EYYYYWAHHHHH.
pixi Piers

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