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Friday, 27 February 2009

London Themes and Sculptures

Well the SL London Festival of Art is drawing to a close, so make the most of the time that is left and check out all the wonderful work that people have put in to make it such an exciting event.

As well as the Park Lane exhibition and Machinima films previously mentioned in Virtually London (Lite), the sculptures in SL Chelsea have added a nice feature to the square outside the Imperial apartments. Molina Rhode, who has a Gallery in SL Mayfair, has made a wonderful contribution with her colourful abstract work. Likewise with other works by Vroum Short, Minnie Atlass, Gleman Jun, and June Bamaisin with her beautiful little statue ‘Red Shoes’.

In SL Knightsbridge the ‘London themed’ work is displayed, and there has been a good response. Pictures of the real London have been included in some of the exhibits, which adds a nice contrast to the SL London pictures. The photographers who contributed are Gavin Dexter, Tara Yeats, Wren Carling, Mfa Mindes, Elizabetta Westland, Penelope Sideshow and r0bin Helsinki.

It will be interesting to see who receives the awards in this week long exhibition, I just know that I am glad I am not one of the judges, as it will be a hard decision picking the best in categories of all the work. Good Luck to everyone who made such an effort to make the Art Festival in SL London such a wonderful week.

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