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Friday, 13 February 2009

Hyde Park Revisited and Griefers Hit Knightsbridge

I thought I would give you an update on the Hyde Park greeting area. I have been back there a few times and I been in communication with some of the SL London team who have been trying to cool things down, and to their credit they have improved things. They do work very hard to get things right. It seems that the ability to use ‘voice’ has been temporarily disabled and this seems to have improved the atmosphere a lot.

I also saw a marked improvement with the new greeter who was now asking people if they needed help so, lets hope he becomes a responsible greeter who gives everyone a chance to join the SL London Community.

I stood for a while with Manager Seany and Director Brie last night at the greeting area and they do have to deal with all sorts of situations. A girl newbie arrived (I can only assume it was a girl in real life, maybe not!). She started talking to another newbie just across the way from us. After a casual hello to the other av she suddenly ask him if he wanted sex (not the words she used, she swore as she said it!). She was warned about her language, but defended her corner instead of backing down, saying she is an escort and earns a lot of money by doing this. Brie went over to her and asked her to behave, she carried on in the same way and Brie warned her again. She called Brie an ‘idiot’ (bad mistake!) and with that Brie used her powers to expel the girl from the sim. Brie is brilliant at her job, she doesn’t just expel people, she gives them a chance and talks to them with both kindness and authority, Seany too is a great diplomat for the London Community.

The Gateway in Hyde Park is very busy on a daily basis and the team are doing a wonderful job at monitoring things there and making sure all the brand new people get off to a good start in SL.

Knightsbridge wasn't without it's own troubles tonight, a griefer had sent in a couple of particle clouds which didn't help the already bad lag. (A particle cloud usually consists of lots of flying pictures or boxes that fill the screen, they make looking at SL very unpleasant!) The trouble is, the authors of these clouds are extremely hard to find, I have been in places where they have originated from the next sim, perhaps someone out there can tell me how you track the griefers down who use these clouds. Even with a radar on, showing all the avs in the area, you still can't really tell who is responsible. It's not like an ordinary object that gives a history of who owns it when it hits you (History is shown in top menu 'Help' then 'Bumps, Pushes & Hits'), particles are usually phantom (well the picture ones anyway) and do not actually collide with your av, but they are very annoying and disrupting. If you are unlucky the griefer can even program the particles to chase your av, then the best course of action is just to re log.


Whatcha Eaton said...

A couple of ideas came to mind: when this starts happening, turn particles down to zero in the graphics tab of preferences or turn off particle rendering in the Advanced menu. They can't hide behind something your viewer isn't rendering. That would at least give someone with ban/eject power the ability to see the griefer.

I'm assuming they're using particles because you said they don't collide with you.

Tara Yeats said...

The particles (or temp-rez phantom objects) have to have a source, tho the source may be invisible. Try a two-step process: first, use your camera controls to zoom out far enough to get a sense of where the loose "center" of the rezzing particles/items is; then under the View menu, turn on Beacons - you'll get a little window with a list - select just scripted objects. Each scripted object will now have a red beacon - with some camera zooming around, you'll eventually be able to find the source object and can identify the owner/culprit.

Also, don't hesitate about filing an abuse report first - I've seen Lindens show up pretty fast when it's that sort of thing because the perps tend to be moving around the grid hitting multiple sims.

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Tara and Whatcha, thank you both very much for your comments which are extremely helpful!! Griefers can be very annoying and I have reported griefers in the past if I could. One thing which makes things difficult though, on two occasions when I traced the griefing avatar on the objects, the av's name did not actually exist in SL, so they have stayed anonymous and I couldn't report them. Luckily thought most of them are not that clever.

Anonymous said...


Janey's comment One thing which makes things difficult though, on two occasions when I traced the griefing avatar on the objects, the av's name did not actually exist in SL-------

I was told by a Linden that a "non-existent avatar" means the avatar is in some kind of Linden review procedure already.

I was told to file an abuse report ANYWAY and use a Linden name ( I used M Linden )as the wrong do-er so that the Abuse Report will be able to be submitted and explain who the wrong do-er really is in the narrative-- and take the photo-that's very important.

I have found some avatars are in general "All" search but not in "People" search. Sometimes that is due to being on an accounting suspension for a late pay on property -so may not be a griefer suspension. So you can't conclude why a person is not in People search but you can--and should-report all wrong do-ers to make Second Life nicer for us all.

This article was great- I learned a lot. Thank you.

Janey Bracken said...

Thank you for that last comment, I will most certainly use a Linden name if I can't find the actual av name from now on, at least that way they will look into it. Thank you very much for that advice!!

Best Wishes