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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Time Lords Invade London sim

It started with a larger than normal crowd gathering in Knightsbridge yesterday. When Hibiscus and I arrived, we stood out of the way, catching up on our news. Then gertyflirty Goldlust and Elizabetta Westland came over to say hello and we decided to join the rest of the group. There seemed to be quite a few strangers arriving, nothing new about that, but these weren’t the usual newbies, they were well established, well dressed avatars. Two of them stood next to Hibiscus and I, and I took a long look at them both, the one closest to me was called Don Pudles and his colleague, Adamus Infinity, stood a couple of feet away. Don looked every inch a grand gentleman of learning, very studious and Adamus had a mystical air about him, something slightly alien. Another mysterious stranger stood further on, his name was Dimmeh Looming, he too looked out of place in SL London, with his long black dress coat and large black hat.

They stood for a while listening to the chatter from the rest of the crowd when suddenly I heard the distinctive noise of a Tardis (a Tardis is a time machine from a cult television series, made in the UK, called ‘Dr Who’. The Tardis itself looks like an old blue phone box, used by the Metropolitan Police, dating back many decades. Because it is a time machine the Tardis is supposed to assume a shape to fit into the surroundings of wherever it lands in time or space, but because of a malfunction it has remained a police phone box. The Tardis appears small on the outside, but once you enter through the door you see the actual size, which is vast and a futuristic design with a central control column where the Doctor and his companion program the craft to enter other galaxies and eras).

The Tardis had rezzed at the side of the road, and the doors opened as Don and Adamus went inside. Dimmeh hitched a lift on the roof of the craft and brave gertyflirty and Boone Blanco joined him. Hibiscus and I managed to get on as well and we zoomed off into the clouds. We eventually docked and were able to go down inside the Tardis to the central control room. There seemed to be a conflict of characters and I am still not sure which one was the main Dr Who, they all appeared to be Time Lords anyway.

Just as I was about to investigate, the floor of the craft fell away from us and we started to spiral back to earth and the waiting London sims below. I managed to catch myself as I fell and flew back down without breaking any bones. I was called away shortly afterwards, but the last thing I saw, there were two Tardis’s in the Knightsbridge street and it seemed two of the Time Lords were battling it out for supremacy. I left with the worried feeling that usually where Dr Who goes, alien villains Daleks follow. What next, the invasion of the London sims by the Daleks, I sincerely hope not …………..

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