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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Start Your Own SL Business!

I had a note from SL Mayfair Manager Feebe Fearne telling me that there is a special deal at the moment for people to start their own businesses in SL London. Please see a copy of Feebe’s note below, which explains how to go about renting your own shop in the very classy Burlington Arcade, Mayfair:


Ok here’s the deal:

We supply you with a business in a box worth at least 300 L$, then all you have to do is pay your rent weekly or monthly to begin with and set up your shop.

The rents are as follows:

Pay 1 month = 1200L$ then get 2 weeks free
30 prims

Pay 2 weeks = 600L$ get 1 week free
30 prims

Pay 1 week = 300 L$ get 0 week free
30 prims

You have to choose one of the starter shops in the arcade

To set up shop you must .. open the BIB (Business in a Box) and copy to your inventory ...then find the items and rez in the shop you choose ( being careful not to go over your prim limit ) once rezzed and put in position ( or while you are positioning ), set the permissions to ‘no copy’ ‘no transfer’ ...some are ‘no modify’ already in this case, please set permissions to ‘no transfer’ as well. To do this ...while you are in ‘edit’ to position the prim , click on more and a box drops down , at the bottom of this is 3 little boxes click on each box to set your permissions ( so when there is a tick in the box it means that that permission is set i.e a tick in the ‘modify’ box means the next owner can modify, left unticked it means they can’t .Then while you are still in the edit box set it to ‘FOR SALE’ decide how much you want to charge for each item and then right at the bottom of the edit box is a drop down menu set it to ‘BUY OBJECT’ ...and there you go all set.


1 of each on a first come first serve basis

1x Wedding Dress Business includes Bridesmaids dresses as well
1x Ladies Clothes Business
1x Menswear Business
1x Misc Business incl shops, BMW, Harley, Stunt BMX bikes assorted lots
1x Jewellery Business
1x Tattoo Business
1x Lingerie Business
1x Shoes, Boots and Bags Business
1x Complete Av Business, incl shapes , skins and hair
1x Assorted Avatar ie Furries

Good Luck with your new venture and I hope you prosper :))))'

Any queries regarding starting your own shop should be sent to Feebe Fearne ‘in-world’

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