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Friday, 16 January 2009

Spotlight on.....gertyflirty Goldlust

At Virtually London (lite) we thought it would be interesting to learn more about the people who make up our community, residents, visitors, avatars who work in sl London, so we have decided to do a series called “Spotlight on .....” . We hope this will be a weekly feature and be of interest to you, because it is really the people of sl London who make it the great place it is.

And who better to start off with than the popular and lively gertyflirty Goldlust. In rl gertyflirty lives in Plymouth. She was already familiar with virtual worlds before coming to Second Life, having been a member of utherverse, but decided to leave because of the technical problems (crashing and severe lag) as well as the fees. A lot of her friends from utherverse also came to Second Life, so she decided to give it a try. gerty said “first of all I didn’t like it and only came on a few times......but then I started getting use(d) to sl and started enjoying it a lot and now I have left the other 3d world and (am) in here far to much lol”.

Gerty didn’t come immediately to sl London, though. She had been a citizen of Second Life for three or four months before first visiting the sims, discovering them when a friend teleported her to one of the shops. She looked around the rest of the sim and found the Underground Club, so between the shops and the club, she had found a place that really suited her because, as she says “I like my shopping and partying”. At this point gerty visited sl London approximately once a fortnight. DJ Rusty told her that the UGC was hiring more hosts, so gerty spoke with Brie Janick and then manager Annie Paulse and got the job. Gerty had already had some experience hosting, both in utherverse and Second Life, and is a naturally outgoing and welcoming person, so as anyone who has been to the UGC can attest, this job is a natural fit for her. Of her first time hosting at the UGC she commented “I loved it everyone was so friendly and the customers were great they made me feel welcome”. She now works about 3 to 4 sets a week. Gerty also spends time in sl London helping out the newbies and chatting, making them feel comfortable in what can be a somewhat confusing place when you are new.

However, I think the most exciting news is that gerty has now met her man, as she says. (there must be something special in the sl London pixels, as there have been so many successful romances here) gerty was “in the street having a laugh (a)n(d) helping ppl and he turned up and me being me said hello and it went from there”. The lucky guy is British Skytower and the two have just gotten engaged. Congratulations and best wishes to both.

What sets apart sl London from the other sims, in gerty’s opinion, is the friendliness of the people involved with the sim. She particularly appreciates the people with whom she works at the UGC, noting that when she had some computer problems and couldn’t come in to sl for a while they still welcomed her back as a host at the UGC. But I think the last word should be given to gerty. When asked at the end of our interview if she had anything more to say, she concluded “I’m innocent. I didn’t do it. it was Das.”.

If you would like to have the spotlight turned on you, or if there is anyone you would like to see in the spotlight, please feel free to im me.

(Picture of gertyflirty and British, courtesy of gertyflirty)

Hibiscus Hastings

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