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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Military Memorial Park In SL London

Tribute Island, which was such a good idea, has been discontinued in SL. The island had originally been created by Nikk Huet to remember all the people who have died, including celebrities, sportsmen and women, and pretty much anyone well known. There had also been memorial gardens for all the British Troops who have died whilst serving their country.

I am pleased to tell you however, that Nikk has moved the memorial gardens over to SL Hyde Park, so that everyone in SL can still pay their respects to all those brave people who have passed away. It’s now called the 'Lasting Tribute Military Memorial Park'.

I went to look at the new site for the Memorial Park and it seems the ideal place because of its tranquillity, a nice place to sit and think. Just a little further on in Hyde Park, Nikk has installed the SL version of the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain, which is quite appropriate, as the real thing is also situated in the real Royal Park. Between the Armed Forces memorial and the Princess Diana Fountain there are primroses growing in the grass, each flower has been planted in memory of someone who has died, this too is a lovely idea.

I will miss Tribute Island, Nikk used to hold some fantastic gigs there with live musicians, and as well as being a place to reflect those people who have died, it was also an interesting place where you could have fun exploring as well.

It’s a very good thing that SL London has gained these memorial gardens and they are not lost forever. Perhaps later on we could also enjoy some live gigs in Hyde Park, like we used to on Tribute Island.


Saffia Widdershins said...

Janey, I was going to post on this subect on the Prim Perfect blog, but your post is lovely and your pictures fantastic that I doubt I could better it. Would you like to crosspost to PP? (with a not that it originally appeared on London Lite of course!

Saffia Widdershins said...

argh ... with a NOTE that it originally appeared on London Lite, I meant!

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Saffia,

I am delighted that you want to use the story on the Prim Perfect Blog and being a complete coward I have left it in draft form for you there!! Feel free to correct any of my famous typos!

Best Wishes