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Thursday, 15 January 2009

DollyRock Comes To SL London

A friend of mine told me about a new clothes shop for women called 'Dollyrock' that had just opened in Regent street, SL Mayfair ,London, so I decided to go and have a look round.

Once the rezzing had cleared I was very impressed with the layout of the shop, especially with the brightness and colours of the items for sale. After closely looking at the clothes on show I started to notice how well made and designed they were, it is always good to see a shop open that sells quality items at reasonable prices. So I thought to myself, who could be the owner of Dollyrock? After a few enquires I found out the owner’s name is a certain Cherry Cheevers. I decided to ask her if she would like to come over to our London office for an interview, to which Cherry kindly agreed.

Cherry turned up promptly at our pre-arranged time, and my first impression of her was that of a beautiful stylish lady, who seemed to know what she wanted and knew just how to get it. As we started to chat I quickly realised how friendly and approachable Cherry is. She was very smartly dressed in one of her own designs. As we sat, I asked Cherry when did she first start her clothes business in SL? She told me that she had been in SL since about October 2006 and that Dollyrock is her first business in SL. She went on to tell me that Dollyrock in London, which was opened on the 2nd of January 2009, is one of around fifty outlets which are linked to her main store. Cherry designs all her clothes, which is amazing when you see her extensive catalogue. I asked Cherry where did she get her ideas from? ‘I get my inspirations from everywhere, from television programmes, from nature to bus queues ideas, just keep popping up in my head.’

‘I design fashion for women veering towards the sexy side, trying to cater for most tastes is what I’m aiming for, and with over 300 outfits so far, I'm sure there’s something for everyone.

Asking Cherry if she employed any staff, she smiled and said ‘no its all my own work! I work stupidly long hours, getting up at five am (gmt) most mornings and work most of the day, I'm not complaining though I love what I do.’

Why did you decide to go into designing women's clothes? I asked Cherry, ‘well’ she said ‘I was in SL for a while back in the days, and wanted to do something. I'd been involved in real life, and I had eight years experience of Photoshop, so it seemed a natural progression.’ Do you remember how you felt when you sold your first item? I asked. ‘Oh yes’ she said, ‘I was extremely excited, and that feeling has never gone away.’ What are your plans for the future? I asked, thinking carefully, she replied 'well I'm happily married to my fantastic husband with the brilliant name "Screw Dailey" and I just want to carry on doing what I’m doing, keeping on top of new ideas and bringing out quality outfits at low prices to the ladies of SL. I have a web page, if you go to you can find more information there.’

I asked Cherry which of her outfits she likes the most? ‘that's easy’ she said, ‘its always the last one I've made.’ Finally I asked Cherry which is your best seller? She looked away for a while, then said ‘sorry I can’t tell you that’, why? I asked? ‘well you know some people, they copy don't they? its a dog eat dog sometimes in SL’ she laughed ‘there’s a lot of it going on, but I’m keeping my eye firmly on it.’

Hmm I thought, maybe I will have to investigate this copying a little more, perhaps in secret and dress in plain clothes! but that's something you certainly won’t get from Dollyrock.

pixi Piers

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Janey Bracken said...

Great article pixi, and welcome to SL London Cherry your designs are fabulous, more shopping for me then!!