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Monday, 5 January 2009

Dell Restaurant in SL Hyde Park

I am forever wandering around SL London because I always seem to find something new. As I went over to Hyde Park I spotted a restaurant by the water’s edge. A pretty star shaped building with colourful orange chairs and dark brown tables inside. There is a counter with lots of snack foods and drinks for sale and the location is ideal, right next to the beautiful Serpentine river. It’s an SL version of the real Dell restaurant in the real royal park.
Hyde Park is a beautiful sim to visit anyway. and the restaurant will make a great place to meet your friends for a chat. Not only that, it has the romantic outlook over the river, and with the SL settings on sunset or midnight, it is a really romantic place to bring your SL love.
I’m not too sure if it’s finished yet though, you are safe with the seats on the balcony as they have nicely placed poseballs that let your av sit gracefully looking out over the river. However when I decided to sit inside on the orange seats I found myself sitting sideways, or on the table, as the seating doesn't appear to have been made 'avatar friendly' for sitting. It is a new building and I hope they will sort this out, as it is a nice place for large groups of friends to meet for an SL coffee.

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