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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Defence Against Griefers in SL London

There seems to be the odd griefer attack in the London sims lately. It’s not like a battlefield yet, but with griefers you have to act fairly quickly before the area gets targeted as the word gets around. There are some bad people in the virtual world, I know of people in SL who sell weapons to newbies, telling them to go to a particular area to practice on the people there, they do this instead of griefing themselves so that they don’t risk getting banned. At the same time they are sitting back and enjoying the people being attacked for whatever twisted reason is in their character. It’s wise to buy shields in Second Life anyway, the best one I have found is something called a Mysti Tool which has lots of other nice features too, like 'emotes' to give you facial expressions and sky platforms to rez in the clouds. Part of the Mysti tool is called a ‘movelock’ and wearing this all the time should prevent you from being knocked over by an SL weapon, although on rare occasions some do get through the shield.

For new people who do not own a shield, if you are aware of an area being attacked, your best line of defence is to create a box and then sit on it. You right click your mouse on the ground and you will see a pie chart menu, click ‘create’ and then click the ground again, and a box will appear in front of you. An edit window would have opened on your screen, just click on the x in the corner to get rid of the edit window, then right click on the box and choose ‘sit’ from the pie chart menu. Whilst sitting you are pretty much protected from bullets and other weapons thrown at you. If you don’t have time to make a box you can just click on the floor in front of you and choose ‘sit’ from the menu to sit straight on the ground. Although not as effective, it will still give you more protection than just standing there. Don’t worry, weapons may blast you into orbit or knock you along the road, but they can’t kill your avatar, you simply have to log out of Second Life and then log back in to get back to normal.

It’s not just the weapon toting individuals who are a pain though, it’s the constant stream of pests lately in the London sims, who harass lady avatars for sex (thanks to the National newspapers for still printing an inaccurate picture of Second Life being ‘a favoured tool for adulterers and porn addicts’ to quote Daily Mail journalist Benedict Brogan this week).

We have the lovely London team patrolling the streets, such as Seany1235 Blinker and Brie Janick among others, who do an excellent job expelling nasty characters. They do it fairly too, giving people a chance to behave. Usually they are successful, but some avatars just can’t socialize with others in here and have to be banned. There was an avatar yesterday, I’ll call him Julio which was pretty close to his name, he constantly buzzed a couple of lady avatars asking them for sex. Seany warned him to stop, but he carried on and Seany used his powers just to send him to the edge of the sim. He came back and still carried on with his chat up lines. The lady he approached this time did tell him straight though, she was very good, and he ended up moving on to another sim to harass people there, no doubt.

We have to ask the question, do we need our own little Metropolitan Police in the London sims, as the London team members such as Seany and Brie have a lot to do besides patrolling the streets. I spotted Seany looking handsome as a mounted Police Officer the other day and it looks like London resident Elizabetta Westland may be a member of the special police, as she looked really pretty in her police uniform in Knightsbridge yesterday. Only time will tell as the sim increases in avatar traffic, there will always be griefers in SL, just as there will always be nice people, so be ready to sit down if you see the bullets flying!!


Qwis said...

I don't know anything about SL weapons and shields, so this was all new to me. Thanks for publicizing the tip about sitting.

I admire the work people have done in SL London to introduce newcomers to the world and culture of SL. I suppose those newcomers wanting mature entertainment need to learn quickly about Search and teleporting if they have little interest in the culture of SL London.

Janey Bracken said...

Thank you for your comments Qwis, I hope you don't encounter too many griefers as you travel SL, but it's handy to know what to do if you do meet them. I too admire Debs Regent and her team for creating such a wonderful place for both new and older avatars who visit or make their home in SL London.

Penny Mincemeat said...

I volunteer to be a London Cop!