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Monday, 12 January 2009

Apparition in SL London?

You log into Second Life sometimes and experience difficulties, well especially lately, it’s a job to log in at all sometimes, just as it was for me Saturday night. The Linden message said they had ‘too many log ins.’ It used to be about 60,000 people logged on at peak times, but lately it has jumped up to over 73,000 and I can only think it must be all those computers people are buying in the sales, plus the ‘sexed up’ description of Second Life given by papers such as the Daily Mail (and yes, newbies still arrive asking for sex!! thanks to them).

I have noticed that Knightsbridge is taking a long time to load when I arrive there, which is to be expected a bit, as there are lots of buildings and textures to rez. But lately you arrive and wait even longer for the buildings and roads to appear, and then you wait for the other avatars to materialize, you think you are standing in a deserted area, but realise you are not alone because of ‘chat’ going on and the little green dots on your map indicating people are there.

I suppose things are getting better in some ways, and in others things are getting worse in SL. I used to go to dances and parties in SL a year ago, dressed up for the evening, looking fine on my computer, only to be told that I was totally bald when I got there as no one could see my hair!!! What a sight!! My friend Drax Ember, being very wicked to me, used to put his sunglasses on and complain about the glare from my scalp!!!

Well that baldness doesn’t happen very often now, thank goodness! Although changing clothes can still be hard to do, as attachments don’t want to attach. But I have another strange occurrence that no one else seems to have experienced (let me know if you have). When I arrived in Knightsbridge yesterday I stood waiting for the buildings and people to appear and suddenly the buildings came into view, piece by piece, but not with their normal textures, not even plain grey, but with a picture on them that has nothing to do with the sim. The other day I saw a picture of a man with a large black hat and sunglasses (it wasn’t Drax hiding from my head by the way!) and yesterday it was different, it was a picture of a blond lady av with sculptie apples in the background. I have no idea who she is, as I have never seen her before, at least I don’t remember her, so I fail to see how the image can be in my cache’.

The images quickly disappear and the prims take on their normal textures, that’s why I missed getting photos of the man in the black hat, but this time I took a few photos of the blond lady av as she appeared. Perhaps the most disconcerting thing is, that as other people materialized in front of me, they too have the picture of the lady all over them for a few seconds until she again disappears and they look normal. Is there a ghost or two haunting me in SL? Perhaps I should try to contact deceased avatar Swiftfellow Henshaw whose spirit has been seen in the Greyhound Public House in SL Kensington, he might know. If you have seen something like this please tell me, as I would love to find out who these images are of.

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