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Friday, 30 January 2009

Fine Jewellery Store and Model Agency In Knightsbridge

There is a beautiful jewellery shop in Knightsbridge, ANZ Jewellery, it is in one of the district’s elegant buildings just away from the busy centre. As I walked passed the other day, I spotted a poster on the outside of the building showing a map of mainland Second Life and I stopped to have a look. By chance I bumped into the owner of the store, Zeron Miles and started chatting to him.

Zeron told me that he does not design or make the jewellery, but sells it for a friend. The store is well worth a visit as Zeron has some really nice pieces of jewellery on display. While you are looking around you can look at some magazines there and play the piano located in the store.

Zeron has other ideas for the premises too, he is planning on opening a model agency, the difference is, however, that the models will all be Japanese. He tells me that they belong to the Maika Model Club. Yuna Hendrick (the very pretty lady featured on the poster behind Zeron in the main picture), owns the Maika Night Club in the Japanese sim and Zeron said she has a number of beautiful Japanese ladies working there, and they also belong to the Model Club.

I asked Zeron why he had decided to start a business in the London sim, he said ‘We have many excellent creators in Japan, and their jewelleries price are reasonable. I want to introduce them to other countries.’

I agree with Zeron, I have visited the Japanese sim and their products are very high quality. One of my favourite stores is BareRose where you can get such good value for your money with such amazing outfits. So it is really nice that Zeron is bringing a little piece of Japan to SL London.

I hope he does well with his new model agency as well as his jewellery business and it will be exciting to see if the Japanese models will be involved in the SLLondon Fashion Week for 2009.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Gateway Open Into SL London

Just like the Chinese New Year on the 26 January, a new beginning started in the SL London sim on the same day, the gateway was opened from real life into Second Life. Hyde Park has become an official Orientation site for people who first arrive in SL after opening their accounts, so the virtual park is the first sight they will see as avatars.

I wandered over there to have a look and there were SL Mentors and Greeters from the London Team helping the dazed looking newbies as they appeared. I could see that they were telling people how to alter their appearance and how to do all the basic stuff that we all take for granted after getting used to the virtual environment.

I left for a short while and then teleported back over the park to see how many new avatars were arriving. I opened my map and clicked on a part some distance from the gateway, but still found that SL had brought me into the teleport area where new people land. I heard some familiar voices, filled with laughter, just across the way, it was SL London Director Brie Janick and Chelsea sim manager Seany1235 Blinker calling out to me and wondering if they could help this newbie Janey who had just arrived. They thought it was hilarious that I had landed in the teleport area, but it must be nice for new people to be greeted by friendly helpful avatars. My first location was nothing but an open plot of land where griefers had their fun. I remember it was quite a long time before I even spoke to anyone, not a good experience!!

Greeter Clive Hissop is also spending a great deal of time making new avatars welcome there, and I hope the new people settle in very quickly and become part of the SL London community. They are very lucky that they have a good home to come back to in SL London, as they go off to explore the very wonderful and very amazing Second Life grid.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Mayfair Fresco

A new gathering spot has been created at the end of Regent Street in Mayfair. It is a casual, outdoor area, a kind of open air cafĂ© that Feebe Fearne has decided to name “Mayfair Fresco”. While wandering around the sim I happened to run into Feebe there, and she explained to me that “Mayfair Fresco” is intended to be both an informal meeting place for friends as well as a space for groups to hold meetings. There are three tables with shady umbrellas, a coffee machine and an ice cream cart, so while I was there I had a cappuccino and chocolate ice cream. Much to my surprise when I ordered the cappuccino I received carrot juice. Perhaps Feebe is trying to encourage health consciousness amongst the London crowd! The chocolate ice cream was ok, though.

If you have belong to a group that is looking for a place to hold meetings, contact Feebe Fearne to learn more.

Hibiscus Hastings

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The Underground Club

If like me you enjoy the buzz of the late nightclub scene, then you would have to search hard to find any better than that of the Underground Club. So just imagine my excitement when my editor Janey Bracken asked me to write an article about the club. Situated in the Knightsbridge area of SL London you will find, upon your arrival, that the doors are always open, and only a few metres up the road is a convenient bus stop, I was told that there is also a reliable taxi service and with a regular trains stopping at the staion near by, you have plenty of transport to get you to and from the club.

As you walk towards the club entrance you can’t help but notice a handy placed zebra crossing to help you over the road, just in case you've had a few to many drinks! I’ve heard a rumour, that on the odd occasion, you can see people playing hop scotch on it! Lol (laugh out loud).

Sometimes its fun to stand outside the club for awhile chatting to friends and watching some of the newbies spilling out of the club still dancing, having forgotten to click the dance ball to stop, hehe, I know how easy it is to do though, I’ve done it many times lol, and that’s all before you go into the Underground Club. Regulars to the UGC (underground club) will know all about it, but for those of you who have yet to have the pleasure, here’s a brief description of the place.

Upon entering the club you will notice that to the left there is a raised platform where the dj's (disc jockeys) ride their musical horses long into the night to the joy and delight of the dancing clubbers. Sharing the stage, you will always see one of the many hostess of the club, making everyone feel welcome and whipping up the crowd. Oh and don’t forget if you have a tune you've not heard for a long time, or a song that brings back that special memory, just Im (send a message) the dj and they will do their best to play it for you.

The staff work very hard to keep the clubbers happy, so if you feel like rewarding them there are tip boxes about the place for which they will be very grateful. If I have one criticism there’s only one thing missing, in my opinion, and that is that there is no pole to dance around on stage! Now I know this area is for staff only but, I’ve always wanted to dance around a pole on stage! Maybe if I put on a sexy outfit one night they might just install one and let me fulfil an old dream! lol. Moving round the room you cant help but notice all the dance balls, there’s many styles to choose, and they range from, a just legal slow dance for couples, to a do your own thing, the ceiling dance ball is usually the most popular though. But having said that my favourite, by far, is the line dance balls, where everyone does the same routine step for step move for move, even if the dj plays the wickedest rave tune, lol, its great fun.

After dancing up a thirst, there’s a well stocked bar in the back corner of the room, there’s also some iconic posters adorning the walls, and with pictures of all the hosts and hostess running almost the entire length of one of the walls, you can see what your favourite one looks like!

But by far, the most interesting pictures for me are on the wall above the entrance. Its the very famous image of the Beatles crossing the road, but this time seemingly walking into a proud Union Jack flag instead of the Abbey road studios. There is a small area upstairs if you just want to stand and chat. The UndergroundClub is owned by the stylish Debs Regent, who told me “Opening the club around the end of 2006 was one of the first things I wanted to do, and because the sim is in Knightsbridge SL London. I wanted to epitomise the 1960s, so we decided on a club based on a retro concept. The original club was built underground, tucked away behind the underground station (hence the name).”

Debs kept some early photos of the club, which she very kindly allowed me to use for this article. They are of the underground club in its early days As you can see it’s completely different to the UGC you see today. For those of you who can remember the 1960s these photos might bring back some long lost memories. I think there was a saying that went something like, ‘if you can remember the 60s you wasn’t there!’ is that right? I don’t know I will have to ask my gran. lol. Debs said there’s no immediate plans for the UGC at the moment. She is, however, planning to open a club in each sim, but to open them out to other types of music.

I got talking to TX Barbara Bailey, she has been one of the hostesses of the UGC for about a year now, and she told me that dj Janis and dj Rusty have played at the UGC longer than anyone, closely followed by dj Seany and the beautiful Brie.

The underground club puts on many events over the year, for example, Christmas, new year, Halloween etc, and I know they are planning a special valentines ball coming up next month. That’s February the 14th just in case any of you men forget! They also have weekly competitions for example, Madi Gras costumes, best in blue, best big hair etc. All with cash prizes ranging from L$200 to L$1000. You will often find the dj's and the host and hostess adding to the prize pot. So why not put on your best dancing shoes and go along to the Underground Club, where you will be amongst the friendliest people you’re likely to meet.

pixi Piers

Monday, 26 January 2009

Cleo and Das Marry

I had been pleased last year to hear that London Team members Cleo Charleville and Das Wade had got engaged, both in real life and Second Life, at the same time. Although I had plagued Cleo and Das about the wedding date in SL, they had been rather secretive about when the big day should be. So it was with some delight that I got an invitation to the wedding a few days ago. The wedding was on Saturday, 24 January, and it was held in the prestigious Kensington building in SL Kensington.

I arrived about 15 minutes early and the main hall was already packed with people waiting for the loving couple. The hall is an elegant venue and is very fitting for SL Weddings. The pews were prettily decked with flowers and the carpet laid ready for the bride and her attendants to walk down. Das was already there, making sure he had plenty of time, wisely standing in position up by the alter.

I sat down at the back of the hall and waited for the event to begin. There were seven bride’s attendants, including SL London sim owner Debs Regent, and they all looked beautiful in their long gowns with cream lace bodices with dark brown flowing skirts. The bride’s attendants excitedly chattered to the groomsmen and there was the chaotic feeling that you get with all SL Weddings, as everyone worried about where they should stand and when they should start the long walk down the aisle.

The Best man was Slippery Enzyme, who is a best friend of Cleo and Das. Gertyflirty GoldLust was the ring bearer, while Bernadette Halostar was the flower girl. Avery Reynolds was the Maid of Honour and Debs Regent, Feebe Fearne, Brie Janick and Tia Fouroux were the bridesmaids. The groomsmen were Clive Hissop, Mabon Lynagh, Dougal MacMoragh and Indego Hax.

Cleo looks stunning in a white satin gown with voile embroidered skirts. The bodice was encrusted with tiny seed pearls and looked very elegant. Cleo’s hair was adorned with little white flowers and a short white veil was attached to the back of her swept-up hair.

The wedding went without a hitch, as Cleo and Das said their vows to each other and gazed into each other’s eyes. Once the service was over the wedding party made their way to the roof gardens at the top of the Kensington Building, the restaurant there was laid out with food and drink for the reception. Dancing their very first dance as SL man and wife, Cleo and Das looked so happy. No doubt this romantic SL wedding has forged their real life relationship even more.

I caught up with Cleo the next day and I asked her about her fabulous dress. She said she had paid a designer to make it, but had actually designed the style herself. I asked Cleo if she had enjoyed the day and she said ‘It was amazing Janey, I loved every minute of it, love Das with all my heart in rl (real life) and SL and it meant the world to me, to both of us, I know, writing our own vows made it, I know exactly how he feels about me, as I do him.’ I spoke to Das as well and he said ‘I would just like to say thank you too all our friends that came, and all the great people that I have met in SL.’

It was a lovely wedding, Cleo and Das enjoyed the day celebrating with their many friends, and I wish them all the happiness, both in real life and their virtual lives for a great future.

Friday, 23 January 2009

New Home for Military Memorials

This is a short machinima for the military memorials we mentioned, from the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, recently moved to the London sims.

Since the unfortunate closure of Tribute Island, this is a great new home for the military markers where passing British traffic can see them. The sponsors,, are very pleased to be a part of virtual London, and have also contributed their faithful reproduction of the Lady Diana tribute fountain from the RL Hyde Park. They're confident this move will give the memorial a much larger and better targeted audience, and act as an ongoing legacy for the Tribute Island project. The tributes will be updated regularly to reflect news from the gulf.

Chinese New Year Celebrations

It is the Chinese New Year on the 26th January, however the Underground Club will be making an early start, they are having a New Year’s party on Saturday 24th January to celebrate the Year of the Ox (the Chinese calendar year is 4706). The party starts at 12pm (SLT) (8pm (GLT). There will be a contest for the Best Chinese costumes, so you will have to search SL for a great outfit!! As you can see in the pictures, Hibiscus and I have already got ours!! See you at the Club for a great night!

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Start Your Own SL Business!

I had a note from SL Mayfair Manager Feebe Fearne telling me that there is a special deal at the moment for people to start their own businesses in SL London. Please see a copy of Feebe’s note below, which explains how to go about renting your own shop in the very classy Burlington Arcade, Mayfair:


Ok here’s the deal:

We supply you with a business in a box worth at least 300 L$, then all you have to do is pay your rent weekly or monthly to begin with and set up your shop.

The rents are as follows:

Pay 1 month = 1200L$ then get 2 weeks free
30 prims

Pay 2 weeks = 600L$ get 1 week free
30 prims

Pay 1 week = 300 L$ get 0 week free
30 prims

You have to choose one of the starter shops in the arcade

To set up shop you must .. open the BIB (Business in a Box) and copy to your inventory ...then find the items and rez in the shop you choose ( being careful not to go over your prim limit ) once rezzed and put in position ( or while you are positioning ), set the permissions to ‘no copy’ ‘no transfer’ ...some are ‘no modify’ already in this case, please set permissions to ‘no transfer’ as well. To do this ...while you are in ‘edit’ to position the prim , click on more and a box drops down , at the bottom of this is 3 little boxes click on each box to set your permissions ( so when there is a tick in the box it means that that permission is set i.e a tick in the ‘modify’ box means the next owner can modify, left unticked it means they can’t .Then while you are still in the edit box set it to ‘FOR SALE’ decide how much you want to charge for each item and then right at the bottom of the edit box is a drop down menu set it to ‘BUY OBJECT’ ...and there you go all set.


1 of each on a first come first serve basis

1x Wedding Dress Business includes Bridesmaids dresses as well
1x Ladies Clothes Business
1x Menswear Business
1x Misc Business incl shops, BMW, Harley, Stunt BMX bikes assorted lots
1x Jewellery Business
1x Tattoo Business
1x Lingerie Business
1x Shoes, Boots and Bags Business
1x Complete Av Business, incl shapes , skins and hair
1x Assorted Avatar ie Furries

Good Luck with your new venture and I hope you prosper :))))'

Any queries regarding starting your own shop should be sent to Feebe Fearne ‘in-world’

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Military Memorial Park In SL London

Tribute Island, which was such a good idea, has been discontinued in SL. The island had originally been created by Nikk Huet to remember all the people who have died, including celebrities, sportsmen and women, and pretty much anyone well known. There had also been memorial gardens for all the British Troops who have died whilst serving their country.

I am pleased to tell you however, that Nikk has moved the memorial gardens over to SL Hyde Park, so that everyone in SL can still pay their respects to all those brave people who have passed away. It’s now called the 'Lasting Tribute Military Memorial Park'.

I went to look at the new site for the Memorial Park and it seems the ideal place because of its tranquillity, a nice place to sit and think. Just a little further on in Hyde Park, Nikk has installed the SL version of the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain, which is quite appropriate, as the real thing is also situated in the real Royal Park. Between the Armed Forces memorial and the Princess Diana Fountain there are primroses growing in the grass, each flower has been planted in memory of someone who has died, this too is a lovely idea.

I will miss Tribute Island, Nikk used to hold some fantastic gigs there with live musicians, and as well as being a place to reflect those people who have died, it was also an interesting place where you could have fun exploring as well.

It’s a very good thing that SL London has gained these memorial gardens and they are not lost forever. Perhaps later on we could also enjoy some live gigs in Hyde Park, like we used to on Tribute Island.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Zhao Shoes Comes To SL London

Melanie Zhao is pretty famous in Second Life, well very famous as it happens! She is one of the virtual world's top shoe designers and has even been featured on a Torley Linden video. I interviewed Melanie for Virtually London (lite) after she had put on a fashion show in SLLondon Fashion Week, and a nicer, more hard working lady would be hard to find. So it was with some delight that I learned that Melanie has opened one of her stores in SL Knightsbridge, right next door to the London Underground Club.

I met Melanie and SexyPandora Bailey, who is the manager of Zhao Shoes, at the new London store and Melanie was wearing a beautifull pair of white boots, one of her new designs. The boots were fabulous, so I know what my next purchase will be! Melanie’s shoes and boots are sold with a hud (head’s up display, which is a small menu on the screen and you can choose various options, including animating your avatar to have a sexy walk and make the sounds of your footsteps, if you so wish, at different levels of sound).

I am delighted that Melanie has chosen to bring her business to the London sims, she is one of SL’s greatest designers and her creations are awe-inspiring. Go along to Knightsbridge and treat yourself to a high quality pair of shoes or boots. Welcome to London Melanie!

Monday, 19 January 2009

Live Link In Greyhound Pub

There was another live event on the 14th January at the real life Greyhound Public House in Kensington, W8, which was linked to the virtual Greyhound in SL Kensington. The virtual pub drew quite a crowd including newbies who dropped by to see what was going on.

Avatar Malburns Writer sat in the virtual pub and also led the video link, as his real life persona Mal Burns, keeping everyone informed of the proceedings. We caught glimpses of a few real people, including Brie Janick and Ruskin Thor, as they came on to say ‘hello’, however quite a lot of the time we could only see a couple of unknown diners in the background, as the link was not focused on the busy part of the pub, which was a shame for us in SL.

Debs Regent, the London sim owner, did not attend the real Greyhound this time, but sat in the bar of the virtual pub and talked to Mal and the others via the link. The event covered four hours and I had stayed in virtual Kensington for a couple of hours, so maybe there was more activity in the real bar that I had missed. It seemed like a good time was had by all in both pubs, so the evening was counted as a success overall.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Spotlight on.....gertyflirty Goldlust

At Virtually London (lite) we thought it would be interesting to learn more about the people who make up our community, residents, visitors, avatars who work in sl London, so we have decided to do a series called “Spotlight on .....” . We hope this will be a weekly feature and be of interest to you, because it is really the people of sl London who make it the great place it is.

And who better to start off with than the popular and lively gertyflirty Goldlust. In rl gertyflirty lives in Plymouth. She was already familiar with virtual worlds before coming to Second Life, having been a member of utherverse, but decided to leave because of the technical problems (crashing and severe lag) as well as the fees. A lot of her friends from utherverse also came to Second Life, so she decided to give it a try. gerty said “first of all I didn’t like it and only came on a few times......but then I started getting use(d) to sl and started enjoying it a lot and now I have left the other 3d world and (am) in here far to much lol”.

Gerty didn’t come immediately to sl London, though. She had been a citizen of Second Life for three or four months before first visiting the sims, discovering them when a friend teleported her to one of the shops. She looked around the rest of the sim and found the Underground Club, so between the shops and the club, she had found a place that really suited her because, as she says “I like my shopping and partying”. At this point gerty visited sl London approximately once a fortnight. DJ Rusty told her that the UGC was hiring more hosts, so gerty spoke with Brie Janick and then manager Annie Paulse and got the job. Gerty had already had some experience hosting, both in utherverse and Second Life, and is a naturally outgoing and welcoming person, so as anyone who has been to the UGC can attest, this job is a natural fit for her. Of her first time hosting at the UGC she commented “I loved it everyone was so friendly and the customers were great they made me feel welcome”. She now works about 3 to 4 sets a week. Gerty also spends time in sl London helping out the newbies and chatting, making them feel comfortable in what can be a somewhat confusing place when you are new.

However, I think the most exciting news is that gerty has now met her man, as she says. (there must be something special in the sl London pixels, as there have been so many successful romances here) gerty was “in the street having a laugh (a)n(d) helping ppl and he turned up and me being me said hello and it went from there”. The lucky guy is British Skytower and the two have just gotten engaged. Congratulations and best wishes to both.

What sets apart sl London from the other sims, in gerty’s opinion, is the friendliness of the people involved with the sim. She particularly appreciates the people with whom she works at the UGC, noting that when she had some computer problems and couldn’t come in to sl for a while they still welcomed her back as a host at the UGC. But I think the last word should be given to gerty. When asked at the end of our interview if she had anything more to say, she concluded “I’m innocent. I didn’t do it. it was Das.”.

If you would like to have the spotlight turned on you, or if there is anyone you would like to see in the spotlight, please feel free to im me.

(Picture of gertyflirty and British, courtesy of gertyflirty)

Hibiscus Hastings

Labour Party In SL London

I had read in the Daily Mail on Monday 12th January that the Labour Party had planned to enter Second Life as part of an ‘attempt to step up preparations for a General Election’ (as stated in the Mail). There was to be a Peter Mandleson avatar and there would be other contributors, including Alastair Campbell, Hazel Blears, Ed Milliband and former newspaper editor Piers Morgan. I must admit I had had a look in ‘search’ after I had read this, but found nothing of the Labour Party in SL. Although I try not to discuss politics in SL, I am definitely not a supporter of Labour if I’m asked. In fact there isn't a lot to choose from any of the parties.

Well last night I teleported over to SL Knightsbridge and stood talking to a few friends when I noticed an avatar next to me. His name was Peter Mascarenhas and he not only looked unusual, he had ‘Peter Mandleson’ as a group name above his head. I scanned his profile quicky and spotted a link to the Daily Mail, but I didn’t have time to study it. I honestly thought at first it was someone who had read the press coverage about Mandleson and co. coming into SL and had made an avatar as a spoof.

Mr Mascarenhas said ‘Hello there everyone. Lovely to be here’ and thinking this avatar was a spoof, I asked if he was kidding. To he honest the avatar looked awful, with dark shadows under his eyes and he looked corpselike, quite badly done, so I had no idea this was a real Labour Party Aid. I began to tell him my views on how Labour has ruined the country when SL London Manager Seany sent me a message asking if I knew this person was really a Labour Party representative.

I am not a bigot and I continued to tell him what I thought, and what my views were, and still are, including asking him if he was spending taxpayers money by coming into Second Life. Apparently I was the first person he approached, and the last, as he made his excuses and left. I stand by my opinions about the Labour Party and the state of the country. I consider that if politicians choose to come into Second Life and question people regarding their political slant, they should be ready to hear from any opposition as well as people who support them, but they seemed clearly unready for this.

Whilst I apologies for my remarks about the appearance of the Peter Mandleson avatar, whilst thinking he was a fake, I totally stand by my remarks regarding my opinion of the way the Party has run the country during their terms in government. I am entitled to my opinion, even if they are trying to stop freedom of speech.

I would like to point out to Mr Mandleson, however, that I am totally independent of Debs Regent and the London sims. My presence in SL London is to report neutrally on daily events and happenings within the sims. Therefore, my personal views would have no bearing on Debs or the London Team.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

DollyRock Comes To SL London

A friend of mine told me about a new clothes shop for women called 'Dollyrock' that had just opened in Regent street, SL Mayfair ,London, so I decided to go and have a look round.

Once the rezzing had cleared I was very impressed with the layout of the shop, especially with the brightness and colours of the items for sale. After closely looking at the clothes on show I started to notice how well made and designed they were, it is always good to see a shop open that sells quality items at reasonable prices. So I thought to myself, who could be the owner of Dollyrock? After a few enquires I found out the owner’s name is a certain Cherry Cheevers. I decided to ask her if she would like to come over to our London office for an interview, to which Cherry kindly agreed.

Cherry turned up promptly at our pre-arranged time, and my first impression of her was that of a beautiful stylish lady, who seemed to know what she wanted and knew just how to get it. As we started to chat I quickly realised how friendly and approachable Cherry is. She was very smartly dressed in one of her own designs. As we sat, I asked Cherry when did she first start her clothes business in SL? She told me that she had been in SL since about October 2006 and that Dollyrock is her first business in SL. She went on to tell me that Dollyrock in London, which was opened on the 2nd of January 2009, is one of around fifty outlets which are linked to her main store. Cherry designs all her clothes, which is amazing when you see her extensive catalogue. I asked Cherry where did she get her ideas from? ‘I get my inspirations from everywhere, from television programmes, from nature to bus queues ideas, just keep popping up in my head.’

‘I design fashion for women veering towards the sexy side, trying to cater for most tastes is what I’m aiming for, and with over 300 outfits so far, I'm sure there’s something for everyone.

Asking Cherry if she employed any staff, she smiled and said ‘no its all my own work! I work stupidly long hours, getting up at five am (gmt) most mornings and work most of the day, I'm not complaining though I love what I do.’

Why did you decide to go into designing women's clothes? I asked Cherry, ‘well’ she said ‘I was in SL for a while back in the days, and wanted to do something. I'd been involved in real life, and I had eight years experience of Photoshop, so it seemed a natural progression.’ Do you remember how you felt when you sold your first item? I asked. ‘Oh yes’ she said, ‘I was extremely excited, and that feeling has never gone away.’ What are your plans for the future? I asked, thinking carefully, she replied 'well I'm happily married to my fantastic husband with the brilliant name "Screw Dailey" and I just want to carry on doing what I’m doing, keeping on top of new ideas and bringing out quality outfits at low prices to the ladies of SL. I have a web page, if you go to you can find more information there.’

I asked Cherry which of her outfits she likes the most? ‘that's easy’ she said, ‘its always the last one I've made.’ Finally I asked Cherry which is your best seller? She looked away for a while, then said ‘sorry I can’t tell you that’, why? I asked? ‘well you know some people, they copy don't they? its a dog eat dog sometimes in SL’ she laughed ‘there’s a lot of it going on, but I’m keeping my eye firmly on it.’

Hmm I thought, maybe I will have to investigate this copying a little more, perhaps in secret and dress in plain clothes! but that's something you certainly won’t get from Dollyrock.

pixi Piers