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Saturday, 6 December 2008

Thanks Nikk, the Office is Great!

Did we forget to mention? Hibiscus and I have a beautiful new office. Our wonderful creative boss Nikk Huet has given the DMGT building, where we have our office in SL London, a complete makeover.

"It's based on our real life building in Kensington, the home of the DMGT in the real world , and it's a pretty accurate representation while importantly being a functional space. I must thank the the folks in the London sims for helping make this possible, especially the tireless work of Guss Hapmouche who took our RL building, a billion photos, my hastily made notes and models, and helped me turn it into something usable for our whole organisation and for SL business in general. Debs's sims are such a great brand, I'm glad we can be a small part of it.", he said.

It was fantastic before and when I found out Nikk had planned to alter bits I got a little worried, but he assured me that it would be fine and he was absolutely right. Our office is even bigger and better than it was before and it has a snazzy clock on the wall giving us all the different time zones (think Nikk must have read that I struggle getting the times right!!!).

The whole building is amazing, there is so much room, and a place where avatars from the Daily Mail, Evening News, Metro, Loot, Mail on Sunday and London Lite (as well as our Virtually London (Lite), naturally) can use as base for grid-wide learning. Nikk has information about his Big Green Switch site there too, as well as lots of their very high quality freebies, so come and have a look round when you visit the Kensington sim.

As well as our office, the London Team also have a base there and there is room for other people to rent office space too if they fancy having one of the most stylish offices in all of the Second Life grid (and in London).

This is just to say thanks Nikk (RL: Nik Hewitt), we couldn’t do without you as our boss, your creative talent, wealth of business expertise and good sound advice to keep us going, besides that you are a great guy!

P.S. Nikk also has another 'must see' project in SL, Tribute Island, the memorial sim, don't forget to teleport over there sometime as it's well worth a visit!


Nik Hewitt said...

Awww, shucks ;-)

Hibiscus said...

Yes, Janey, I am so glad you wrote this, I wholeheartedly second everything you have said. The office is great, that clock is truly a stroke of genius, and I would like to thank Nikk for all that he has done.