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Monday, 22 December 2008

Taking New Girl Pixi Shopping

As large amounts of newbies are joining Second Life, you can’t fail to meet someone new most days if you are walking through the London sims. On the 5th December I had been taking pictures of a new gallery in the sim, when I noticed pixi Piers. She came over to say hello and I could see she was only a few days old, so I asked her how she was getting on. pixi is friendly and nice to talk to, and after a short chat I left, leaving pixi to find her way round. I saw pixi a few days later and I was very impressed with her, she had tried to make the most of her appearance, she had a pretty face and had given herself an ‘hour-glass’ figure as well as making the best of the clothes that she had managed to get. I think the thing that I liked the most though, was the fact that she was exploring the grid, finding interesting places, she told me she had just been to the Japanese sim. Lots of new people seem to want to be told what to do, and have no sense of adventure, but pixi seemed different to the others.

I got chatting again and pixi mentioned that she longed to have nice hair, and I remembered when I was new and saw other people with long flowing locks, and how I envied them, wondering how they managed to look like that. I decided to give pixi a fashion makeover, as I felt that she had tried so hard herself, and deserved a good start in SL. I invited her over to a really good hair store that I know, and we had fun as I let her pick the style she fancied. It’s not easy being new and I had to explain how she could try the ‘demo’ hair on before she made up her mind (most shops don’t charge for ‘demo’ hair, although some do charge L$1, ‘demo’ hair usually is attached to a big box that hovers over your head to stop you wearing it as normal hair, but it gives you a good idea if the style will suit you). pixi soon spotted a style that she liked, and then had to make up her mind whether she wanted to be a blonde, brunette or redhead, she settled for a blond. It was a good choice, the hairstyle she chose was combed to one side, falling in curls over one shoulder. Hair of all things transforms an avatar, and pixi looked a million dollars.

I told pixi that our next stop would be a great UK fashion house, and I think she had a job taking it all in, as we teleported over there. The store took a while to rez for her, but she soon started looking round. She picked a nice outfit with black pants and a white top with a smart belted coat over it. I told her to pick a second outfit as well, and she wisely went for separates that she could mix and match, a nice waistcoat and pants set.

Next stop was to get her some shoes, pixi was excited and a little fazed that all this was happening to her, but we had lots of fun shopping. We went to another smart store and she opted for a pair of long white boots, nicely made sculptie ones, that she could wear with the calf of the boots, tucking the pants in, or without the calf, wearing them under the pants. I explained to pixi that the ‘shoe base’ in her new boots folder (in her inventory) had to be worn, as this hides the shape of the avatars foot, moulding the foot to the shape of the shoe/boot (avatars feet are all flat without heels as if you are walking bare foot, so the shape has to be altered by applying transparent textures to give the foot a heel etc). Most good shoe shops in SL offer ‘demo’ shoes so that you can try them before you purchase them. It’s quite difficult taking a new person shopping as there is so much you take for granted that the newbie has not experienced, and I do try not to overload people with information too soon, but it makes you realise just how much there is to learn. Although saying that, they are all fun things and shopping is the best!!

pixi no longer looks like a newbie, she looks beautiful and very smart, and I hope she enjoyed the ‘make over’ as much as I did taking her to the shops. I asked pixi if she would mind writing her first thoughts about coming into SL London and she has put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard!!) and written her account of her first steps as an avatar, which I will publish this week. Don’t be surprised to see pixi’s contributions to Virtually London (lite) in the near future, as she looks like she is really enjoying her second life and I am hoping she will share some of her adventures with us.

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Hibiscus said...

Welcome to SL and SL London pixi! The quest for the perfect hair and shoes has just begun, but it is a lot of fun. I look forward to seeing you around the London sims and reading about your first impressions of life here.