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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Newbies In London

As Janey recently wrote, a lot of newbies are finding their way to London and trying to figure out how Second Life works. I noticed a sign near where the newbies have been congregating in Knightsbridge advertising a new program Debs Regent and the London staff have started to help out all these poor confused people in our midst. It is a 7-Point Plan orientation to Second Life. Every day, at 12 noon slt people meet up to learn about different aspects of Second Life – how to make friends, how to dress your avatar, how to interact with things, etc., all those things we now take for granted but were so puzzling, and sometimes overwhelming, at first. I am sure this will be of great help to all our new visitors and I hope that they will find the time to attend these meetings.

After having run into a few newbies recently in London, I have a few tips I would like to offer, especially in light of one particularly short, but memorable, encounter I had. I hope some newbies are reading this.

I was actually standing in front of the sign in this picture, photographing it for Virtually London (lite) when a newbie, whom I shall call Mr. X, came up to me. First he offered me friendship, which I declined. I have found that many newbies do this, but it is not the best approach, many people will not accept friendship from someone with whom they have not spoken. Mr. X, being an intrepid sort of person, again offered me friendship, which I again declined. However, he seemed to find some encouragement in this, since the next thing he did was to IM me saying “want to have sex whit me?”

I think these next couple of tips are quite important. First of all, if you are going to ask someone to have sex with you, it is a good idea to check your spelling first, newbie or not. Typos are very common in SL, as we all know, but I think when you are hoping to be intimate with someone spelling should be a priority, it makes a good impression. Second, have a look at the sim rating. Knightsbridge has a pg rating, so sex should not even be mentioned in the first place. And third, why on earth would anyone want to have sex “whit” you? Do not assume that we all find you devastatingly attractive. You are not.

For the rest of the newbies, welcome to London, take advantage of the orientation sessions offered by Debs Regent, they sound great, and will help make adapting to Second Life much easier and more fun. And you can also pick up loads of freebies at the carts just around the sign advertising this new program of Debs’.

Hibiscus Hastings


Jaz Beverly said...

Hats off to Debs, the brilliant London team, and especially all the greeters who are going out of their way to help new residents find their feet in Second Life. I can attest to how helpful folks in London can be, for I'm still pretty new to the grid myself, and when I first arrived, barely able to navigate down the street without whacking into things, I couldn't have found a warmer welcome or more people willing to help and give advice. I also appreciate the generous good humor with which offers like those of Mr. X are treated. In RL, a bloke could get slapped or find a flower pot broken over his head for such an advance. Little did he know how many flower pots Hibiscus likely has in her inventory! But instead he found a really classy SL Londoner, who kindly but persistently communicated (both and in person and in this blog) that such behavior really isn't any more acceptable in SL than in RL. Much gentler treatment than he would have received on the RL streets of any city. Way to go Miss Hastings!!!

Hibiscus said...

Jaz, thank you very much for your kind words. The problem with my inventory is that it is so out of control I have trouble finding the flower pots when I need them.
Debs and the whole London team are great, and the greeters are really welcoming to all the new people in town. I love being in SL London. The sim is beautiful but the best part of it is the people, and I look forward to seeing you there sometime soon.