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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

New Gallery in SL Knightsbridge

Daruma Boa has opened a Gallery to display her work in SL Knightsbridge. Daruma’s exhibition is on at the present time if you want to explore the corners of your mind and stretch your imagination with her intriguing artwork. Daruma states in her press release that ‘Daruma Boa’s passion in Real Life for taking photos has passed over to her Second Life.

Her exhibition is called ,,Accept the senseless” and she states ‘It is a “senseless” mix of some photos of a Real Life. Sometimes only a part of things, situations, feelings… for enough room to make your own pictures in mind. All photos are changed into pixel, some “garbled” with colour. You can see the original pictures on her website:’/

As my understanding of art is in a more traditional concept, Daruma’s work took me slightly out of my comfort zone, go and see for yourself and let your senses unravel Daruma’s very interesting work.

Daruma Boa’s ,,Accept the senseless” exhibition is on for the whole of December at Lincoln House, Knightsbridge.

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