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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

More on Roads

Dear Mr Huet,

REF: Letter regarding the roads in Kensington.

Ensuring the road network functions efficiently and safely is a priority for the Government. Roads allow goods to be transported around the country and ensure people can get to work, school and the shops, as well as visit friends and family. They are essential to the economic prosperity of the country and to the everyday lives of the millions of people who use them.

Road Congestion: There are six million more vehicles on our roads now than in 1997 and more two car households than no car households.

Traffic is predicted to keep growing, much of it on roads and motorways that are currently operating at or near full capacity during busy periods.

The Boris (Debs) Regent Study published in November 2008 said that if left unchecked, congestion is set to rise considerably by 2025, costing the economy £22 billion every year, impacting on the environment and causing frustration for road users.

So it is clear that we need to tackle congestion on our busiest routes now to avoid gridlock tomorrow.

But while building and widening roads may be necessary in some areas, to manage congestion we would need to increase our road building programme several times over.  This would be unacceptable both for financial and environmental reasons.  So we are exploring options for tackling congestion including different ways of charging  for road use.

That's why we are proceeding with the Demonstrations Project to understand better how we might target congestion by charging on the basis of where and when a journey is being made.  But a national road pricing scheme is an option for the future, and we do not yet have the answers to people's concerns about fairness and personal privacy.  Therefore we are also focussing on what can be done now to deal with congestion, and targeting those parts of the network that are busiest - urban roads and motorways.

In urban areas we are working with local authorities to develop schemes combining investment in local public transport with congestion charging schemes (Transport Innovation Fund).

As you can see our potential works has become a huge project within itself and i would like to inform you that this project has been started outside your building. Please be patient as by this letter I hope you can see the severity of these works.

Up yours Sincerly

Das Wade
Minister of SLLondon Roads, Rails, Walkways, Buildings and anything else Boris (Debs) Regent wants me to do.

/me wanders off for a coffee and a comfortable chair.

PS. Getting there. :=)

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