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Friday, 12 December 2008

Das Wade DJ!!

The London Underground Club rocked last night as SL London Director Das Wade made his debut as the DJ for the night. I had spoken to Das earlier in the evening and I asked him if he was nervous about his first go at DJing, he told me he wasn't, and true to his word he carried the night off without a hitch, as he played his mixture of 80s and 90s music.

His host for the night was BilliAnn Bravin who did a great job greeting the crowd and getting everyone up and dancing. Even Debs Regent, SL London owner, made it along to support Das and a great evening was had by all. Das even managed to turn his tip jar on half way through the evening, so at least he will have his bus fare home!!


Kwame Oh said...

This man is so talented it makes me sick "grin"

But we in sllondon thinks he is the jewel in our crown, and will fight tooth and nail to keep him in our family so hands of those that have approached him.

So as a thank you a little ditty I wrote, sang to the tune of happy birthday

Das we love you we do,
Though you do let us stew,
When you turn of your keyboard,
And then come and say boo,

Anonymous said...

Hey das, its yasmeen,bries daughter, nice dj pic, lol