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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Newbies Arrive in London Town

They are arriving, looking dazed, bumping into each, very confused, anxious and curious. Who are they, they are the newbies, the avatars who have suddenly been transported into SL London from Help Island. The Gateway is open and for the first time all those people who join Second Life from real life London will find their first proper SL location is our very own virtual capital.

The SL London residents have been very helpful, especially Clive the gator who has spent a great deal of time talking to the newbies and giving them a helping paw where he can.
Hibiscus and I went over last night to see what was happening. Hibiscus had met a couple of newbies who had got as far as Chelsea and I had met one who had found Kensington and was exploring our very own DM&GT offices. Hib and I headed over to Knightsbridge where the brand new avatars were arriving.
A lot of them seem to have pre-conceived ideas and are quite amazed that there is actually a structured society in SL. All the usual questions are asked, ‘what do I do now?’ ‘how do I play this game?’ ‘how do I make money?’ We answered as best we could and gave them some sites to get free items and clothes.

There has been some bad publicity in the press about SL for the last week or so in respect of a couple who are getting divorced because of the husband’s infidelity in SL. Some newspapers have painted SL as a bit of a vice den and this has only boosted the number of people joining who are curious to find out what is going on. So you do get quite a few newbies who introduce themselves to you with what they consider to be a chat up line, hoping to experience some sort of romance or shady virtual pleasure. No doubt they will settle down, most of them are amazed at how near real life the experience is (with all the everyday things, not the red light district stuff!).

The London team welcome all the new avatars and give them all the help and advice possible. It’s not easy being new and it takes a few days to get used to things, but SL London is a great place to come into, it's home from home. Lets hope all the novice avatars feel happy with their new Second Lives.


Anonymous said...

I send them back to help island.

Maybe there could be an officer in London to do the teaching?

It certainly isn't what I joined the game to do.

Kwame Oh said...

Awww Anonymous sorry for your discomfort, hope you were not hurt in any way, physically and or mentally,Why not contact us, and we can give you some comfort and Joy.

I missed that night , "guess who is a slacker" but from what I hear was great fun for all those who there, Das had some Mentors come into the sim to give us a hand. And we owe a lot to the staff,Cleo and Brie, and Seany and and you get my drift... for juggling, the region settings to keep it up and running.

On a serious note though, it did show up some of the limitations we have to contend with, but until some other platform comes along, all I will say is Virtual London Rocks.

Nik Hewitt said...

What a fantastic thing for RL/SL business! New UK residents visiting the UK sim. Ideal branding opportunities there folks. Nice one ;-)