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Monday, 10 November 2008

Meeting Singer Mapoo Little

The Underground Club in Mayfair was re-opened on Saturday, 1st November after being moved to its new location near SL Piccadilly Circus. The opening was marked by singer Mapoo Little taking the stage at 1pm SLT. Mapoo was making a return visit to the London sims after her fantastic performance in Kensington on the first night of SLLondon Fashion Week.

The club was crowded with avatars for the evening and Mapoo put on an extravaganza of a show, as she belted out her upbeat, raunchy numbers like ‘Hot Stuff’ and ‘Raining Men’ as well as her cover versions of the latest chart entries. All in all a great night, and it looks like the timing is right for SL London to launch the Mayfair branch of the Underground Club.

I caught up with Mapoo later on to find out about her career in Second Life. Mapoo told me that she had heard about SL through a friend who had been unable to download the program herself. However Mapoo managed to log on and told me ‘I checked it out and got addicted.’ Luckily her friend, whom she had known for 10 years, also managed to get logged on eventually, and now they are both in SL.

I asked Mapoo if she is a singer in real life as well as SL, she said ‘I am a Real Life singer yes, but I don’t do it as a Job... but I do have a Website for Real Life which I do keep that private from SL’ Mapoo continued ‘but as time has gone on I thought I’d make a Website for Mapoo Little for people to see and hear news from her so now I have a website for Mapoo Little’

I asked Mapoo how she would describe her SL performance, she told me ‘I think of myself as a Fan looking at the Singer.... in SL not many people do things they just stand there on a seat singing and collecting Tips... but for me I like to give a good show and let ppl (people) see what I am capable of, meaning doing a Live Virtual Real looking Performance on SL’, she continued ‘I think that if there is more happening then the people watching are also enjoying watching and thinking "What’s gonna happen next?"’

As I had been to a couple of Mapoo’s shows I told her that I felt that there was a similarity with her style and that of Tina Turner. She said ‘I don't actually try to be like Tina Turner haha, but I have been told that from a lot of people that my voice is the sounding of Tina Turner, or the sounding of a Black Woman, but I’m actually White in RL’. She said she felt that was a ‘huge compliment’. She told me ‘I like to describe my act as "Glamorous, Dazzling, Sexy and Diva'rish!!!"’

Mapoo told me that she is becoming very popular with different cultures in SL, she told me that she performs in a beautiful SL building called Carima Ballsaat to a German crowd, and they love her. She also sings regularly every Friday at Jade’s Jazz Lounge. I asked Mapoo if she felt nervous before each performance, she said ‘When I first did it yes, but now not as much... but as soon as its time I get all Butterflies in my Tummy... its like a "Oooh Wow, u know Good sort of feeling."’ Mapoo explained ‘Well to be honest I started in SL as a DJ... which I was also popular for and a lot of people know me as a DJ still... I did then start singing also, but singing became more popular for me and sadly I had to end my DJ career’. She said ‘people say that I was born as a Entertainer haha so maybe thats true...,’ ‘Singing is more me... its a way of expressing myself to other's...’

Mapoo told me that she has a booking office and information centre for her fans and she places her many photos there that her fans send to her. She said ‘this is special for me but, also to them to show them that I do care and everything I get from them I am very much appreciated... I love it’ (Mapoos Booking Office is M.L.E. Mapoo Little Enterprises, Orange Beach Mall ).

I asked Mapoo if she gets time to see her friends, she said ‘Well I do try to if I can... but usually no not much time. I do miss a lot of my friends, but most friends move on and don't bother... but I will say if anyone is going to read this - I will never forget those people who have helped me in the past and had fun with... Being a singer is just a job on SL and what I like to do, but this doesn’t mean I will ever forget the times I have had with friends in the past...’

I had interviewed Mapoo at her beautiful home, and she took me on a tour of her wonderful gardens. I would like to thank Mapoo for sparing me the time to talk to her and making me so welcome. If you want a really enjoyable night out catch Mapoo at one of her gigs, you are sure to have a great time.

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