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Thursday, 6 November 2008

Interview with Kwame Oh

One of the hot spots in the London sims is “The Greyhound Pub”. It holds a special place in my heart, and I am sure in Janey's too, since our office is right across the street and we have had some happy times in the Greyhound discussing stories and meeting people.

I recently spoke with landlord Kwame Oh. Kwame has been in the pub trade for 22 years, and with the RL Greyhound Pub for 4 years. He discovered Second Life because he is, in his own words, “one of those "ah that looks new shiny and exciting lets have a look"” kind of people. He went on to say of his early days in SL“Well! would you believe I was hopeless when I came here... (I) did not speak to anyone ... my first search was for Liverpool (because it was the first city he thought of) and when I found it (it) fascinated me..”. Kwame’s fascination stemmed from the mirror-like quality created by SL and RL Liverpool.

He then went on to a career of wandering and camping throughout SL, eventually discovering the London sims. Upon discovering the London sims, Kwame rented a place for a while and then decided to move on. However, he eventually came back to SL London, where Debs Regent offered him the position of Knightsbridge Manager. By this time the London sims were moving in the direction of creating a community with the ability to connect up RL and SL London and it was decided that the Greyhound Pub would be a focal point for the intersection between RL and SL.

A good example of this was the recent gathering that took place in the RL and SL Greyhound Pubs (see “Virtual World Interacts with Real World” Oct 20, 2008). From his experiences in the virtual world and after observing the changing landscape of Second Life, Kwame forsees an exciting future for SL London, including retailers, which he says “have played second fiddle to music, and education, and services.” He continued “I see a future with auto cad and such where models can be sold in both worlds... when purpose built venues are built (to allow the connection of RL and SL).” In fact, Kwame has developed an equation which I think should become known as Kwame’s Theory, RL+SL=Life.

Hibiscus Hastings

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Cherish Demonge said...

the auto cad idea is a great one im already researching such things for rl work, it is possible im sure

great article

Cher x