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Monday, 3 November 2008

Interview with Designer Cher Demonge

There is a Designer who is making a big impact in SL London, and his name is Cher Demonge. I have been fortunate to have known Cher since he arrived as a newbie in the Murray Region of SL, where old and new avatars still gather. Even back then, there was a characteristic that Cher had, which made him stand apart from the usual crowd who were content to just meet up and talk. Cher had focus, he wanted to be creative from day one, interested in buying land as well as wanting to know everything that SL had to offer.

A few days ago I asked Cher to come over to the office for a chat, Hibiscus also joined us to hear how Cher felt about his journey through SL from those early days to the present time. With his Fashion House ‘Bonjour’, Cher has become a top SL designer and has also become a master builder, offering his services to help in the creation of the incredible mirror image SL London.

Cher has two avatar personas, and he feels equally comfortable with each one. Cher first came into the virtual world as a glamorous girl av. That’s how I had met him, and I remember thinking that he was an alternative avatar (a creation of someone who already had an established avatar) and not a newbie, as he was so well dressed. However I was wrong in this assumption and Cher was indeed a newbie. Cher explained that he had met a dress designer, sasha frangillie, who had helped him with his clothes, showing him all the places he could get free outfits from.

Cher said he had heard about SL from a television program and told us ‘I thought I’m gonna go on and see if I can take the mickey out of those sort of geeks’ he continued ‘and here I am, I’m those geek’s’ He told us ‘I thought, I wish I had found it months ago’ Cher’s other persona is a boy, and Cher is also a boy in real life, he had come into SL as a female and had no intentions of staying at the time, luckily for us Cher quickly changed his mind and has contributed so much to the SL experience for the rest of its inhabitants.

Cher bought his first piece of land after being inworld for 3 months, building a refuge for his Murray friends, always thoughtful of others, Cher thought it would be a nice place where we could all meet to get some respite from the spiteful Murray griefers who frequently disrupted the sim. Not satisfied for long with his small parcel of land, within a very short time, Cher had bought a larger and better plot, building his own empire, complete with a club ‘Neon Nights’, houses and a shopping mall, which included his very first Boutique ‘Bonjour’. And build he did, I watched his progress as he took up SL building. Not only did he have the skills involved to build whatever he turned his hand to, he also had the design ideas, becoming a creator of unique quality items and clothing. Cher has Graphic Design qualifications in real life and also has a wonderful collection of his own artwork which he has brought inworld as well.

Cher had found the SL London sim by looking for 'London' places in ‘search’ in the SL menu. Later on he decided to open one of his Bonjour Fashion Houses in Knightsbridge and it has proved to be very popular. It is situated just along from the famous Underground Club. Cher then went on to show his catwalk collection in the amazingly successful SLLondon Fashion Week. It was his first show, and I asked him if he had been nervous about it. He told me ‘it was very stressful, I would do it again, I just created one dress and went from there, so they all followed the same theme’. Hibiscus and I actually covered Fashion Week, and Cher’s collection had been one of the outstanding shows, his lively vibrant clothes had such imaginative fantasy styles, but were totally wearable at the same time, the catwalk audience had loved them.

I wanted to know what else Cher will be bringing out in respect of his clothing designs, and he told me that he is now making clothes for men. It will be a special new range of clothing and boots called ‘Hello’, and he expects to begin this part of his fashion collection very shortly. He said ‘The Hello range is based on things I would like to wear, I don’t make anything I wouldn’t be seen in, but still with that fantasy edge all my stuff has’

Cher recently offered his building skills to SL London owner Debs Regent, helping her with the ever expanding Capital. He has created the Imperial Wharf apartments in Chelsea, which are superb. He has also been busy resurfacing the roads, rebuilding pavements and putting telephone kiosk all round the sim. The Underground Clubs in Knightsbridge and Mayfair bear a new logo, pure cutting edge stuff, and this is one of Cher’s creations as well.

I wanted to know if Cher would ever tire of the fashion side of things and move over to building instead. He told me ‘I couldn’t do either full time as I get bored easily, so I make lots of clothes, then I’m burnt out, so I build then I get bored and something will inspire me and I will go back to clothes, that’s how I work’ Finally I asked Cher what he thought about SL London, he said ‘I think the London sims concept is fantastic, the way it’s going it can only get better, so many people know it, I just hope other people realise the potential all us members of the London team see.’ Cher has definitely added to the potential of the London sims, he is a dynamo of energy, injecting new fashions and inspirational new building methods into the mirror London project. I am very pleased that I have known Cher from his first days as a newbie to one of SL’s top designer/builders that he is today. As well as his great skills, both in real life and in SL, Cher has a down to earth modesty about him, plus an honesty that is so very refreshing, especially in the complicated virtual world where people can at times, mask the real them.


Cherish Demonge said...

Thanks for the great story matey, makes me sound almost very slightly talented, hehe

keep up the good work!!

i have reserved a store in mayfiar for my mens range so should be making an appearnce soon,

YAY me!!!

Cher x

Janey Bracken said...

I think you will find you are very talented!!! Looking forward to seeing the new store you are opening in Mayfair, from what I have seen of the range so far it's bound to be a great success!

Janey x