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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Halloween Fun

The atmosphere in SL London was very scary on Friday night, it was Halloween!! The Halloween Ball at the Underground Club in Knightsbridge pulled in a big crowd and many of them were dressed to kill, literally!!
There were quite a few witches, skeletons and blood spattered avatars rocking the night away on the awesome looking dance floor. I noticed our own Cleo Charleville, one of the London team, was in a lovely Tudor style dress, the only thing that spoiled it was the fact that she had her head under her arm instead of where it should have been, on her shoulders! spooky or what?
I saw another avatar with a chainsaw and I thought it best to keep well away from him as he waved it about threateningly. Some avatars appeared to have their flesh hanging from their bodies in bloodied strips, perhaps they got too near chainsaw man! Ghostly apparitions walked among the dancers and bats and spiders hung on the clammy walls, it was all a gut wrenching sight (and everyone enjoyed every minute of it!!)
Well done Brie and Seany and the rest of the team, the night was a great success (special thanks to Brie for supplying the awesome picture on the left).

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