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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Club Handover And Chelsea Goes Mature

Although the new Underground Club in Mayfair has already been open for a couple of events so far, violetann Petion, the builder who put the fantastic interior together, had not officially handed the club over to Debs Regent until yesterday. I had been lucky enough to be passing when I spotted Debs and violetann together, finalizing the actual handover.

Out came the Champagne to celebrate as violetann and Debs completed the process, making the club part of SL Mayfair. They still had little bits of snagging to finish, making sure the bar stalls were the right way round etc. and making it all perfect. Well violetann can be very happy with the outcome, she has done an excellent job there, and it all looks beautiful.

In the meantime, the status of the Chelsea sim is no longer PG, but has now been changed to Mature. So residents like Hibiscus and I can have those noisy parties that go on for three days without worrying about people complaining!! Only joking Hib and I are the best behaved tenants in the whole of the grid!! I will keep an eye on what the rest of the residents get up to though, watch this space!!

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