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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Second Round of Catwalk Shows in SL London

The second day of the catwalk shows ran smoothly and were really enjoyable. SLLondon Fashion Week is proving to be a big crowd puller, and The Kensington building was full to capacity again with people eager to see the next two designer collections.

Designer Swaffette Firefly’s ‘SF Design’ collection was the first show of the night, and the lead model appeared in a beautiful celestial gold gown, so pretty as it caught the light, as she made her way down the catwalk. The skirt had an overlay of gossamer stars and there was also a shoulder wrap in the same flowing material. It was a great start to the catwalk show.

Kwame Oh, who was the host for the evening, described in detail what each model was wearing. Kwame, who is the Landlord of the famous Greyhound Public House, Kensington, in both real life and Second Life, did a great job of controlling the pace of the show.

Swaffette’s wonderful range of clothing is a must for both ladies and men’s outfits this coming season, ranging from smart casual wear to elegant formal wear. You can visit Swaffette’s SF Design store in SL London’s Mayfair to look at her full range of designs.

After SF Design, Kwame introduced the next show, which was to be a beautiful collection of footwear called Zhao Shoes by designer Melanie Zhao

The models took to the stage showing off Melanie’s designs ranging from elegant high-heeled sandals to pretty boots and shoes. Her range of footwear is also scripted with three different ‘walks sounds’, and ‘animated override walk actions’. Some of the shoes also had ‘bling’ on and off modes.

Day two of SLLondon Fashion Week proved to be another runaway success for the London team and this time without any SL hiccups hindering the show.

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