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Thursday, 9 October 2008

New Garden Centre and Exhibition

As I travelled through Mayfair the other day, I noticed some new trees had been planted on the grass verges and there was also a little display of summer plants with nice decorated benches each side. A sign next to the plot said Fenland Garden Centre. A little further down the road there was a winter arrangement of trees and crocuses with snow softly falling down around them. The trees and flowers are very well made and not too expensive.
The Garden Centre is owned by Randolf Baxton and it’s a great idea for SL London as there are many houses with small gardens to stock.

On a completely different note, there is an exhibition in the Kensington building in SL Kensington by Zero Ball. It’s called Zero Fractuals and it’s a group of colourful sculptures, which catch the light in quite an amazing way.
You will have to hurry to see this one though, the exhibition closes at noon on Friday, so get over there and take a look.


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