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Friday, 3 October 2008

Monday Beam's torn* Clothing is High on Quality

We were treated to a really smart designer collection on the catwalk for Wednesday night’s show. ‘torn* - Designer Clothing’ was a real highlight for the halfway stage of the fantastic SLLondon Fashion Week.

torn*’s owner is Monday Beam, and he brought some really cool designs to the stage. The range is clean cut and elegant, without any overworked trimmings, it’s clothing you could wear for ‘day wear’ if you wanted to look really well groomed.

The men’s designs were particularly well done, the casual jacket and pants, worn by model Seany (in the main picture above), stood up to really close inspection, the detail on the material and seams was just amazing.

The cowboy outfit looked great as well, although this was basically a white shirt and jeans, they were so well made, and such attention paid to detail, that the whole look, complete with the cheeky tilted cowboy hat, gave the model that masculine laid back look that so many male avs in SL would like to acquire.

Although I liked all the ladies outfits, I loved one of the dresses, a full skirted black satin dress. It looked so beautiful as the model walked down the catwalk, the skirt billowing out as she walked. The high neckline, making such a nice change from the many plunging tops that are usually seen in SL fashions. The uncluttered texture of the satin looked sheer class.

The torn* designer collection was a pure joy to see, and I will certainly visit their main store to ask if that black satin dress is on sale yet.

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