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Friday, 24 October 2008

Interview with TXBarbara Bailey

The ever popular London Underground Club in SL Knightsbridge is going through a few staff restructuring changes at the moment, however, business is open as usual! One of the really nice things to come out of the reorganisation is that TXBarbara Bailey, who has worked as a hostess at the club since January 2008, has been promoted to Head Hostess, along with Sera who also works there.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Barbara yesterday to ask her about her work in the club. Barbara, who is American, told me that she had first come to SL Knightsbridge and to the Underground Club back in 2007, arriving with a group of her friends.

I asked Barbara if she had thought of applying for a job in the club soon after. She told me ‘In the beginning I hinted that I was looking for a job and at that time never dreamed of being a hostess in a club... something I’d really never do in real life’. She added ‘Yes I'd never work in an SL club if it had .......... well the poles and that sexual side.’ I can see what Barbara means with this one, there are many clubs in SL that cater for the lower end of the market, however the Underground Club sets high standards and maintains a respectable status.

Barbara continued ‘I have had a great time meeting people and that’s what its all about. Loving music and a wide variety of music.’ I asked Barbara how she dealt with troublemakers in the club. Barbara comes across as being very confident, she told me that they don’t put up with ‘ugliness’, she said that you just have to say what the rules are and keep it light. She did say that some people who had previously been ejected do come back and they give them another chance, so it’s nice that people are given a second opportunity to enjoy the London sim, providing they behave themselves.

Part of Barbara’s job has been sales advertising for the club and she told me that she has many new ideas to put into practice. I could tell that Barbara is a good business person, promoting new advertising concepts for the benefit of the sim.

You can tell Barbara’s enthusiasm for the club from the way she speaks, she said ‘I love the friends I’ve made there’. She told me that she feels great with the girls she works with and has known one of them for 10 years (meeting previously in a chat room before SL).

I asked Babara if she would like to add anything and she said ‘to me, behind all av's are real people ....... and I do my best to treat them as I would in real life . That’s just me. Some say they play the game and I don’t really get that part even now, maybe this is the game pretending to be a hostess’ she continued. I told her that I didn’t think it was a game either. She said ‘that’s always been my point, even in chat......... they are real with real feelings and lives’ And I totally agree with Barbara on that, these are real people with real emotions that they bring into SL. That’s why Barbara is so good at her SL job, she cares about people and has ‘people skills’ to get the best out of them and make them feel good.

I can see a really bright future for the Underground Club and its team of hard working people. With someone like Barbara on board, with her ideas and enthusiasm, the club will continue to prosper and maintain it’s great success. It was also Barbara’s real life birthday yesterday, and I would like to thank her for taking time out to talk to me and wish her a very happy birthday.

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