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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Houseboat Community in SL Chelsea

While I have been waiting for my apartment to be finished in SL Chelsea, which has been delayed because of the resurfacing of the roads in the sim, I often go back there for a wander round. The roads are looking fantastic, complete with box junctions and mini roundabouts and it's all looking very smart. I love the Chelsea sim and it's a great place to live, it just feels right! that little bit away from Knightsbridge with its busy high street, Chelsea has a real atmosphere about it. It looks like I will be moving back pretty soon now, the new apartments are beautiful and I can't wait to get my furniture sorted.

When I went back yesterday I decided to walk along to where the houseboats are moored, as I'd had a great time living on one of the boats when I first moved to SL London. In those days I had been the only person to rent a houseboat as it had all been very new. However, when I went back yesterday I noticed that the majority of them are now occupied and it all looks wonderful along there. People have added bits and pieces to personalise the boats and it's a proper little community now. I noticed one houseboat had been decorated for Halloween as well, which looked great. I am looking forward to Christmas in the London sims, I'll be getting my Christmas decs out pretty soon, once I move back to my lovely Chelsea.


Anonymous said...

Janey, I am one of your many Virtually London (lite) fans, so it was quite a treat to see my little halloween decorations featured on the blog today! Especially since I found my cozy SL home with your help. I was curious to see the houseboats in Chelsea after reading your Sept. 20 feature on Selina Cazalet's narrowboat. When I walked down the wharf I immediately knew I had found the SL home for me! I only moved in a week ago, but already I've met such nice people and learned a tremendous amount about navigating SL. As a newbie I was at first overwhelmed by the vastness of SL. There's so much to see, learn, and explore it's hard to know where to begin. But Chelsea has been a really welcoming home. I really can't imagine living anywhere else!!! Anyone who wants to come hang out and enjoy the view (and seasonal decorations) is always welcome.

Janey Bracken said...

Hello jaz, thank you so much for your nice comments. I loved the way you have decorated your boat it really looks great. I am pleased that you like living in Chelsea, I think I will always be happy there as it does feel like home to me too. I would also like to welcome you as a newbie and hope that you enjoy your adventures in SL, it's a lot of fun!