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Thursday, 2 October 2008

Girlspeedo and Cher Delight Catwalk Audience

Tuesday night’s Fashion show in SL London was probably the most exciting yet, as the two well established Designers complimented each other with their completely different styles of clothing. It was a nice night for me, as my friend and colleague Hibiscus Hastings also managed to make the show, so she was able to take some pictures as well as we both stood and had a good time watching the evening unfold.

The first show was from designer Girlspeedo Latte who owns the Boutique Gbberish in Knightsbridge. I’d met Girlspeedo a while back when I first came into SL London and I was first struck by the professional decor of her store, the girl has taste! Girlspeedo is a young designer, creating trendy young fashions for the boy and girl about Town. That’s not to say that the clothes would not appeal to all ages though, but they do have that fresh streetwise feel about them.

Girlspeedo uses knits for her tank tops and bodices, the textures looking so lifelike that I have never seen such detail in SL, combining them with linens and various fabric textures for the other garments. The men’s clothing is equally as colourful as the girls, she uses striped textures in soft shades that are easy on the eye and give a summery feel.

For one of her dresses, she uses feathers to their full potential, the skirt is cut tight to the hips, then the feathers are used to add the fullness to the lower part. It’s unusual to see feathers used in a ‘day wear’ outfit, but it works well, and you could use this dress for the evening as well, as it is so pretty and comes in a great assortment of colours.

Girlspeedo also has a way with accessories, adding a tied cotton scarf to an outfit here and there, just to give it that extra style! Her show was a delight and great start to the evening.

Cher Demonge was the second designer of the night, and one I have waited to see with anticipation, as I have followed Cher’s career, since he came into SL, with great interest. Cher has a Boutique called ‘Bonjour’ in Kensington, as well as stores in other parts of the grid.

Cher designs pure fantasy clothes that are, at the same time, completely wearable. Cher (who is a boy in real life) has a unique style, bringing his artistic talents into SL, to create designs that are works of art. Cher has a favourite colour, bright pink! And he made his entrance to the show wearing the most spectacular dress (see the main picture above). The full skirts of delicate textures billowing round him looked beautiful.

His first model wore one of his older designs, but one that fitted well into his new collection, it was his ‘London dress’. A black and white sheath dress with the outline of the of the City cleverly printed on the top half, giving a swinging 60’s feel to it.

Each of Cher’s outfits were stunning, with his use of bright vibrant colours in some of them, to elegant black in others. One outfit in bright yellow, combined with an equally bright blue certainly made an impact, such clean lines and so well styled, that I would certainly love that in my wardrobe.

Then Cher creates the complete opposite! a pretty, romantic dress in soft pastels with long flowing skirts, so nice for that candlelit dinner. As well as the pastel dress, Cher used a bold red, black and white material for one of his other gowns that stole the show for me. So eye catching, a gown that would certainly make you feel the centre of attention at any special event.

Cher had many wonderful outfits on the catwalk, and I haven’t got the room here to tell you about them all. However, Cher has a brilliant range of accessories and shoes too, at very affordable prices, and you can see them all, with his latest collection, at his Boutique in Kensington, it’s well worth a visit.

Well thanks to the London team, Designers and Models, the show went without a hitch again and proved to be another great night in the SLLondon Fashion Week.


Wheemzel DeCuir and BengalTiger Writer said...

Once again you shine! Great articles Janey:)

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Wheemzel and Bengal

Aww thanks so much Wheemzel, you are so kind to me. Now the show is over we can catch up and have a good chat!!