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Friday, 31 October 2008

Fresh Opening of Mayfair Club

There has been a lot of reorganization going on behind the scenes in SL London, with the restructuring of management and fresh ideas by the Underground Club team. Although the Underground Club in Mayfair had been opened a couple of weeks ago, it was decided that the whole concept needed changing and bringing more up to date with the interior. The Club has actually been moved to the building across the road from the previous one, and it's looking pretty good with it's red walls and flashy honeycomb floor.

I must say I certainly prefer the look of the new club to the old one, it's sleek and classy and will suit any occasions, whether it's formal or casual dress. Club Manager Brie Janick told me last night that the Club will be re-opened this Saturday, 1st November at 12pm (SLT), with singer Mapoo Little singing live at 1pm (SLT).


Cherish Demonge said...

Love That club interior, its cool,

The london sims are getting better all the time


Das Wade said...

The london sims are becoming awesome, Due to the hard work and dedication of everyone there.
And for that I personally thank you all.

London Teams Rock!!!!!!