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Sunday, 19 October 2008

Designer Jewellery Shop in SL Mayfair

Sometimes you meet a designer whose work is so good that you are just amazed at the skills involved to create such a beautiful product. Well yesterday I met Albros Breda, who’s ability to create remarkable designer jewellery is just stunning.

Albros had a grand opening of her new shop in SL Mayfair yesterday and Hibiscus and I went over to celebrate with her and to have a look at her work. The shop is tastefully decorated and she has her pieces of jewellery well displayed. Albros has single pieces at affordable prices and also sells sets of matching necklaces, earrings and bracelets. The designs are out of this world, so delicate and unique. I couldn’t resist buying something while I was in there, a lovely ruby and gold filigree set that will look fantastic with my evening gowns.

Albros, who is Mexican, first joined SL in February 2008 and said when she first arrived she was at a loss about what to do here. She told us she started learning all the building basics in the different SL Schools, and just felt more interested in trying her hand at making jewellery.

Her shop in SL Mayfair is called 'Cihuae', and Albros told us that it means ‘Hey girl’ in Aztec. All of Albros’s hard work has definitely paid off, her skill is plain to see and I hope her first shop in SL London is a great success. If you want high quality designer jewellery for that special occasion, you need look no further than 'Cihuae' in Mayfair

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Hibiscus said...

Albros's jewellery is lovely, nicely made and in great detail, very high quality. What a great store to have in the London sims.