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Friday, 26 September 2008

SL Imperial Wharf Under Construction

As Hibiscus said before in her previous article ‘Moving’, we live in SL Chelsea in the apartment blocks near the houseboats, and it’s a lovely location. Hibiscus lives in the next block to me and we are always calling round to each others apartments for a chat, so we are really happy there.

Well we were both a little bit sad to hear that the apartments are being replaced with new ones. However, now that we have seen the new buildings we are both pleased to stay in that location. The new Imperial Wharf apartments are a copy of the real life ones in Chelsea, so they will once again reflect the mirror image of London that Debs Regent has achieved with the rest of the virtual Capital.

At the moment the SL ones are under construction (as you can see by the main picture at the top) and builder Julia Litvak is doing a great job. Although we liked the old apartments because of the amazing floor space and the panoramic views offered by the large windows, I think we will feel equally at home in the new blocks, as these too are spacious and airy looking. We are both looking forward to moving back in and furnishing the new apartments. Another excuse to go shopping!!!

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