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Sunday, 21 September 2008

Fashion in Second Life

Fashion is an art form, there are so many different sorts of fashions throughout the world. Different designers trying to make it with their own styles, most of them repeating designs that have been around before, just modifying them so they are updated and have a fresh new feel to them.

The amazing part is, there are rewards for working hard in Second Life, because there's always somewhere you can go to rent out a shop or building, whatever you choose, to show your work to the world. Letting people be inspired and making them want to buy the items on display.

You don't have to worry about getting your size, or making sure that the item doesn't run out of stock, this is Second Life, anything can happen, and is possible (most of the time).

I love fashion, and whenever I have money, I am always looking for new shops to spend, spend, spend. Yesterday I came across a new little shop in SL Chelsea called 'Coconut Ice' and I was able to have a chat with the owner, Maryrose Mariani. I asked Maryrose what exactly she sells in her shop, and she told me "In Chelsea I have the evening gowns, upscale casual wear and jewellery." She went on to say that she had set up a shop in Chelsea, because she already had an apartment there, so it was very convenient.

I saw a customer, who was looking around the shop, and asked them what they thought about it. They said "when you walk into the shop you see all the colours of the clothes, and the layout is very good, I will definitely visit this shop again."

Maryrose certainly has some great clothes for sale in her shop, from evening dresses to casual wear, it fits all the needs of a Second Life woman.

Another fantastic thing about Second Life, is the fact that it doesn't matter what you look like in your 'First Life', because you get to choose what you wear, know one knows your background, or what you look like. You can be a completely different person without people judging you for what you wear, every single person is unique.

Saab Ashbourne

P.S. Big event in SL London from 28 September, Fashion Week hits the Capital with Catwalk shows and lots of things going on. For further information contact Events Manager Ruskin Thor 'in world'

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