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Saturday, 20 September 2008

Colourful Barge Moored at Chelsea

The houseboats at SL Chelsea are always a lovely sight, adding a bit of character to the embankment there. As I went for a stroll yesterday I spotted Seany1235 Blinker, the sims Manager, talking to two ladies, Selina Cazalet and Lady Krimmer. Just near them, next to the houseboats. there was a beautiful painted barge, decorated in bright vibrant colours. Lady Krimmer was taking a look at the interior of the barge, which was fitted out with cupboards and furniture, so you could live on it quite comfortably if you wanted to. The boat belonged to Selina and she wanted to know if she could moor it next to the houseboats, near the Big Ben clock tower. Seany got in touch with Debs Regent, the London sims owner, and she came over to meet Selina. Debs admired the barge as well and gave Selina permission to stay. It’s quite an addition to the embankment, bringing colour and charm to the harbour, lets hope Selina finds SL Chelsea a great place to stay in for quite a while.


Anonymous said...

It isn't a 'Barge'. It's a narrow boat. Barges carried coal and freight - still do. People live on narrow boats - still do.

I know, call me pedantic.

FrankB Zhangsun

Janey Bracken said...

Hi FrankB, thank you for your comment, I must admit I don't know an awful lot about boats, so I did do a google search on it. Someone called it a longboat, and I knew that sounded wrong, but I used to know someone who lived in a converted barge which was very nice and a similar shape. I also found this website which seems to call the wider boats barges rather than the narrow boats which of course are narrower(if you look at the plan on the bottom of the page on the link below). I do, however, bow to your knowledge, as you probably know a lot more about boats than I do.