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Sunday, 27 July 2008

Work Started at The Greyhound Pub

I was sitting in the office last night and it seemed quiet everywhere in the London sim, in fact not much going on anywhere as far as I could see. I thought I'd do a bit of writing but then saw another avatar some 50 metres away on my Mysti tool radar HUD (HUD or Heads Up Display is 'on screen' information about your surroundings or gadgets that you are using in the virtual world). I used my small map to locate the avatar and saw that he was just across the road so I thought I would take a look.

When I got downstairs I found that he was at the Greyhound Pub which is across the road from the virtual Daily Mail and General Trust building and also in the same position in real life. The basic structure of the pub is already there but the inside needs to be refurbished in SL. The handsome avatar I spotted went by the name of Gustavus Hapmouche and something about him seemed familiar although I had noted the name on a few builds before. He was busy starting to create the inside of the Greyhound, so I thought I would go and say hello.

Turned out I had met Gustavus before, but not as that particular avatar, and he said I could stay if I liked while he built, which was really nice of him, as I know building is hard work and takes a lot of concentration. I know that he is one of the finest builders in the grid, so it probably would not have phased him if I'd stayed, but I said I'd leave him to it but asked if I could take some photos, which he kindly agreed to.

Lots of people are interested in the Greyhound opening, its in a prime position for people like my boss Nikk, fellow reporter Hibiscus and me to go for a lunchtime drink and a cheese and tomato sandwich (plus a packet of salt and vinegar crisps, or if you are from the United States, chips not crisps!) so we can't wait till the pub opens. I know the grand opening is sometime in August, so I will try to follow the building as it goes along and keep you all informed.

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Nik Hewitt said...

The Greyhound is an important spot for folks at the DMGT building in RL too. At the meet-up Debs, myself, Kwame, Terry, MalBurns, Saffia, Rick etc. had there a few weeks ago, it was truly amazing to stand outside with Kwame, having a smoke and a Guinness, and looking across the road to the same view in SL and RL. I understand the RL Greyhound is having a revamp inside soon too, and I've been gagging for a pint and looking forward to The Greyhound opening since the sim came online :-D