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Friday, 4 July 2008

Take a Stroll in SL Hyde Park

SL London is growing all the time and Hyde Park has now been added to the beautiful city. I went over there yesterday and it all looks enchanting. I spotted Fennel Mimistrobell (who is known as Nell) and I stopped to talk to her. Nell is probably one of the busiest people I know in SL. She is the Estate Manager for the London sims and also runs True Brits, (events group for British people) as well as British Mentors the group for official SL British Mentors. Nell had been working hard, she told me that she had created the whole Hyde Park site in just 3 days. What an achievement! it is a truly wonderful location and a must to visit.

As well as some elegant buildings and some great places for a picnic, there is a stables block. You can ride your horse down 'Rotten Row', an SL version of the track in the real life Hyde Park, where people have been riding their horses for decades. There is the serpentine lake (where Nell is pictured above, standing on the bridge). Boats are available nearby for rowing up and down the lake

I went back to Hyde Park again today, with my friend Drax Ember, to explore some more. We spotted some swings, and like a couple of kids we had to have a go!! Walking over to the lake, we decided to take the boat out for a while. Well its a good job Drax is strong and doesn't mind rowing, we set quite a pace up and down the lake, with the environment 'in world' set to sunset you get a beautiful reflection on the water's surface and the whole thing takes on a magical glow.
I felt a bit mean making Drax do all the rowing while I just sat enjoying the ride, but I think he enjoyed it too. We will be going back there for another visit. Nell told me that Hyde Park will be a place where newbies will be arriving eventually, and there will be lots of information for them about SL on the site. Nell has certainly built a fantastic Hyde Park and I'm sure it will be a favourite place for newbies and older avatars alike.

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Anonymous said...

Nell, you're an artist! Hyde Park is a lovely place to be. Thanks for building it!

Nala Tenk