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Thursday, 31 July 2008

Spot the Tardis in SL London

All those fans of Dr Who, the cult television series, will know that the Timelord never stays in one place for very long. Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve heard a whisper that he has arrived in SL London again! Yes, he has been there before, but he has not been spotted, as his Tardis is capable of changing shape, like a chameleon changes colour, to merge into its surroundings. Well the Timelord has had a little bit of trouble and the word on the street says that the Tardis has malfunctioned, leaving it looking like, well, a Tardis! (an old Metropolitan Police Telephone Box) and the Timelord is desperately trying to get it repaired. Apparently it keeps rezzing into different locations in SL London, so with a bit of luck you may get a chance to catch it.

Virtually London (Lite) is offering a 100 Lindens to the first person who photographs the elusive Tardis in SL London this week and sends the picture to me (Janey Bracken) 'in world' by dragging and dropping the picture onto my profile. And no cheating, by the way, I have contact with the mysterious Timelord Oolon Sputnik, who will verify that this is the real Tardis and not one rezzed from another galaxy!! (picture must be sent by 6th August 2008).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's ages since I looked at Oolon's blog - I'll head over there right now (and I'll come Tardis hunting tonight!)