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Monday, 21 July 2008

Skydiving In London!

Wandering through SL Mayfair I spotted a strange round object with a ring of seats on it. On closer inspection I saw it was a skydiving platform. I'd used one in SL a long time ago and still had the parachute in my inventory, so I decided to have a go and see if it was as good as I'd remembered. You are suddenly propelled up into the sky high above the city, even above the clouds and start to free fall, which feels like you are out of control.

It's ages since I used the parachute and I stupidly didn't read the instructions, I knew you had to type a word in text to get it to open, but tried 'Open' and nothing happened, so I continued to tumble to earth.

Then luckily it came to me, obvious when you think about it! the word was 'Pull' and suddenly the chute opened and I had the sensation of being pulled upwards as the chute slowed my speed down to an enjoyable pace. I'm not saying the word is the same with the parachutes you get in Mayfair, best to check before you leave the ground. I'm always the same, never read instructions when I can get myself into deep water by trying to guess how something works!!

As I fell slowly I reached the clouds above the city and the sky had a beautiful rosy glow to it. As it's SL you can set the time of day to anything you want, I usually go for sunrise or
sunset as the effects are stunning. However, it's worth trying midnight and midday as well, have a few goes to see what you like best.
Quite soon London Town was rushing up at me, tops of buildings zooming into view. What fun, as I landed back in Mayfair. I'll take a few friends back and have another go. I should imagine skydiving together would be a real buzz. Take yourself along to Mayfair and have a go, oh, and don't forget to read the instructions on how to open your chute before you leave the ground!

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Anonymous said...

Apart from flying, skydiving is the one thing I've loved about SL right from the start. I used to go to Cubey Terra's areodrome in Abbotts all the time when I was new(ish) and dive there. Lately, my only sky diving experience has been in Iron Fist after aa service at the First Second Life (tm) Church of Elvis where the good Rev takes us all up on a huge cheese sandwich and drops us from a great hieght :-D

I'll have to pop over tto Mayfair and test out the London one... I wonder if I can land on Big Ben...